Monday, September 15

UNICEF and SM Malls: How Can We Help Our Filipino Children?

It is very easy to support UNICEF through SM malls

UNICEF is an organization that aims to uphold the rights of every child around the world. I am sure most people are familiar with the UNICEF logo and with the valiant efforts that the people behind this group are doing.

It was in November 1948 just a few years after the WW2 that UNICEF established their organization in the country that aims to serve the Filipino children- which is the future of this nation. UNICEF has joined the government to countless programs in upholding the rights of the Filipino children. 

UNICEF has implemented valuable programs that cover the very basic need of the deprived children for nutrition, medical and health, education, emergencies and disaster risk reduction and development.

We really don’t need to join extra-ordinary missions to far away land like volunteering to an organization that will send you cruising somewhere to save the earth. That fact of the matter is, everyone including you and I can make a difference to many children by supporting UNICEF in our own little way. 

How can we support UNICEF?

SM Supermalls have been supporting UNICEF in uplifting the lives of the Filipino children, by generously providing free booth spaces that serve as platforms to personally explain to the mall goers the concerns of the children around the world and the challenges that our less fortunate Filipino children are facing today. This will surely raise awareness to the public and what better way to do this is through the UNICEF booths that are inside SM malls.
UNICEF booths at the SM Malls

Being aware of the sad plight of the Filipino children is the start to go proactive with helping our nation’s future, but providing a genuine commitment is the best way to support UNICEF in championing their causes. Pledging a small amount using your own credit card will truly help, just imagine your donation of just 500 pesos (which is roughly an equivalent of buying a dozen of your favorite donuts or having 2 cups of coffee at your favorite cafĂ©) will do a lot in feeding hungry children and aid them with their education. 

SM Cares partnered with UNICEF to reach out to the public

To date, there are 14,500 plus kindhearted donors that the UNICEF SM booths have already generated and this could be your chance and the most convenient way to share your blessings. After all, we are talking about the future of our country which we all can agree that our children will be the primary movers and shakers of this nation. 

Please do your part and extend some generosity to UNICEF via SM Malls booths, and this act of kindness will surely reward you with an unspeakable joy that you only get when you know you are doing something worthwhile for our Filipino children.

Spread some love and start giving to our Filipino children.

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