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Abbott’s Growth Watch Empowers Parents to Beat Childhood Stunting

  • Childhood stunting is a health issue in the Philippines, and 2 in 3 moms are unaware of the long-term effects of stunting on childhood growth • The Growth Watch initiative aims to accelerate efforts to help parents identify children’s growth issues early, seek treatment and prevent malnutrition • Abbott is banding with communities to raise awareness, and offer online tools, educational resources, nutrition assessment and counselling to promote childhood growth   Global statistics show childhood malnutrition is still a persistent health burden, including in the Philippines.1 According to the Department of Health, 1 in 4 children aged five and below are short for their age or stunted. 2 Abbott is increasing awareness and working together with mom celebrities and communities to tackle stunting among children in the Philippines. Abbott’s Growth Watch initiative shines a light on childhood stunting, a form of malnutrition. It aims to empower parents to screen for and recogni

Sculptra® partners with SKEEN Anti-Aging Clinic for Natural Youthful Looking Skin

  Boost natural collagen, improve skin quality, and bring out your youthful glow with Sculptra In an exciting collaboration that promises to revolutionize the world of aesthetic treatments, Sculptra® and Skeen Face & Body Anti-Aging Center have joined forces to offer a new experience in beauty, wellness, and rejuvenation.   This collaboration brings together the innovative power of Sculptra's collagen biostimulator injectable with Skeen’s commitment to promulgate innovation and introduce new breakthroughs in aesthetics, resulting in life-changing results that emanate from within. Skeen, whose priority focuses on revolutionized anti-aging treatment with an individualized touch, is delighted to announce this visionary partnership. The driving force behind this collaboration is Skeen's desire to give its patients the latest and most effective solutions for achieving health and wellness goals. The integration of Sculptra's collagen-stimulating technology into Skeen

A Christmas party well “dasurved” by everyone

  A Christmas party well “dasurved” by everyone Taiwan Excellence believes that Filipinos are among those who throw the best parties during the Christmas season, where the holiday season is celebrated at its longest in this part of the world. And Taiwan Excellence, which honors the most innovative and value-added products produced by leading companies in Taiwan, believes that every Christmas party in the Philippines deserve to be thrown in the best and most excellent manner to make it truly memorable. To celebrate this, Taiwan Excellence introduces a holiday contest called “A Dasurved Christmas Party,” where Filipinos can win a Christmas Party package worth P10,000 so they can celebrate all day long. “A Dasurved Christmas Party” is open to various groups of Filipinos such as families, blood relatives, office mates, close friends, or even groups of individuals that possess a strong bond with each other. To join “A Dasurved Christmas Party,” simply “Like” and “Follow” Taiwan Excellence’s

Rex Education at the 2023 CEAP National Convention: Joins Thousands as Pilgrims of Hope on the Path to Synodality

  In an era marked by unprecedented challenges and transformations in the field of education, this year’s CEAP National Convention holds special significance. CEAP has long been at the forefront of transformative education, advocacy, solidarity, and synodality. Every year, this incomparable event provides a platform for educators, administrators, stakeholders, and partners to come together, exchange ideas, collectively address the ever-evolving needs and challenges of the educational sector, and celebrate as a community. Rex Education also witnessed that the CEAP National Convention is also a spiritual and intellectual journey, an odyssey that reflects the member-institutions and partners’ common aspirations to inspire hope, navigate challenges, and promote quality education for all, with Catholic faith at the core. This year's convention, bearing the theme "Pilgrims of Hope: Exploring Pathways to Synodality" is a testament to CEAP’s continuing journey and support of th