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Shell Bike Fair 2018

Together We Ride Stronger: Shell Solidifies Support for Local Biking Community Kicking off at Baguio City last July, Shell Bike Fair wraps up this year’s festivities with a bang this Saturday, September 22 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), Pasay City. The biker community in the Philippines has grown exponentially as more and more riders consider two-wheeled vehicles as a more practical and convenient mode of transport. Based on the latest statistics from LTO, the number of registered motor vehicles in the Philippines has grown to 10.5 million as of 2017. Pilipinas Shell, a reliable partner of the biker community, in making their rides better celebrates the courage and resilience of bikers as they take their daily journeys despite the difficulties that they face in weaving through obstacles on the road. Shell V-Power Brand Manager, Mark Malabanan “This day is really to exp

COLOR GRAM: Davies Colors SM Novaliches

“Colors are the smiles of nature .” Life is more colorful with COLOR GRAM by Davies Paints at SM City Novaliches. #DaviesColorsSMNovaliches SM City Novaliches in partnership with Davis Paints Philippines features a coffee themed art installation that is dedicated to give splash of colors and fun to photos and selfies.  #DaviesColorsSMNovaliches SM City Novaliches mallgoers and customers from all ages took a snap through different coffee themed pop-up exhibit which are the Espresso Booth, Love Coffee, Splash of Coffee, Swing and Entertainment area.  Certified Coffee Lover Coffee Colorgram exhibit started last September 22 until 30 at SM City Novaliches Mall Atrium. The said exhibit also coincides with SM Supermall’s nationwide campaign called Coffee Break Time at SM which celebrates coffee lovers. #CoffeeBreakTimeAtSM WIN some SM gift certificates exclusive

The Tasting Corner: Free Liquor and Wine Sampling in Selected SM Supermarkets

“Life's a waste of time, time's a waste of life so let's all get wasted and have the time of our life.” Free sampling of Premium Wines and Spirits at The Tasting Corner in Selected SM Supermarkets For a limited time only, you can sample some of the most iconic premium wines and spirits in the world at the Tasting Corner in selected SM Markets.   This innovative new concept is the first of its kind, and a rare experiential opportunity for those who are curious about premium brands to sample these drinks in their “perfect serve”.   Making the Perfect Serve The perfect serve is the way in which wines and spirits manufacturers recommend that their drinks be served.   Most perfect serves are surprisingly not common knowledge, and quite often they are not how everybody drinks it.   For instance, most Cognac aficionados would never think to mix Hennessy VS with ginger ale and a slice of lime, but that is exactly the way in which