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The UNION STATION Barber Shop Revolutionized the Salon Industry

UNION STATION| Is there a barbershop for both men and women?

In this day and age of selfies and social networking, Filipinos are constantly updating their look through a new hairstyle and cut, hair color and treatments that can immediately transform one’s look. Good thing that they are beauty salons and barber shops scattered in every corner of the metro that provide various hair styling services. But are you really happy with how you look after your salon or barbershop visit? 

If you have an impeccable taste and would only go for top-notch hair styling services then you’ll be thrilled to drop by at The Union Station Barber Shop. The Union Station is not your ordinary barber shop that you’ll see in your street corner, this uber class salon cum barber shop has the vibe and nostalgic ambiance of the glamorous Old New York.

The Union Station Barber Shop celebrated its grand opening just several hours ago September 16, 2014 which in my opinion is the grandest and the most elegant business opening that I had ever experienced. A red carpet was set leading to The Union Station entrance which was also the stage for the mini fashion show that showcased the sophisticated hairstyles of The Union Station as paraded by top models in the metro.

Having a grant time with top models at The Union Station Barber Shop.

Selca/selfie mode at The Union Station Barbershop.

Manila's selected top models graced The Union Station Barber Shop grand opening event with a fashion show.

The idea of bringing in an authentic New York hair styling and a barbershop that caters to both men and women was a creative collaboration with the salon owners Jason Magbanua a respected videographer and Oly Ruiz a top-notch photographer, and with the most celebrated make-up and hair stylist Lourd Ramos.

The Union Station manager Abba, Lourd Ramos and Oly Ruiz

There is so much creative juice injected into this ambitious project from the concept unique to Filipino pop culture of having a barbershop not only for men but also for women, to the various services and products being offered at The Union Station. It is the perfect marriage of both art and aesthetics in the form of hairstyling and grooming that will definitely complement any man or woman. 

Another innovative way of grooming a man using fire called as "Singeing"

Barber Oliver expertly grooming a man via singeing.

The Union Station Barbershop not only offers hairstyling options for both men and women, but also has full salon and barber services such as hair removal, massage, manicure and pedicure plus other innovative treatments that a sophisticated customer can only dream of. 

The Union Station collaborators with top models and the creative team.

Pampering the old New York way is an exhilarating experience that all of us deserve. Do drop by at The Union Station Barber Shop at The Link Building Ayala Center and treat yourself to an exceptional world class barber and salon services now!

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