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BANZAI: The Ultimate Japanese Buffet

So Much to Taste, Eat and See at Banzai

Bring your appetite and explore…

When was the last time that you had a buffet only to find out that you are not totally satisfied? Buffet lunch or dinner is the latest trend now hitting the metro with new restaurant opening almost on a weekly basis. Buffets can be expensive or cheap depending on how extensive are the offerings, the quality of food and of course the ambiance.

The exterior facade of Banzai- the red huge Banzai signage is very inviting.

The entrance to Japanese (and more) food paradise! Irasshaimase!

Being inside Banzai you'll feel you are somewhere in Tokyo.

Banzai spacious and cozy dining area.

Banzai- The Great Teppanyaki Theater offers the best buffet feast that you can ever have- I mean it when I say this. Of course I would not be making this huge statement without having to try it myself. Lucky enough, I was invited as a big foodie reviewer at Zomato just this afternoon to sample and savor what Banzai Japanese buffet is all about.

I just can't help it! Selca outside Banzai.

Good thing we are seated on a large window pane overlooking the Manila Bay. What a sight to behold.

My Banzai experience is truly something special since I am a huge fan of Japanese cuisine. The very first time I set foot on Banzai my initial reaction was- “Wow!”. The place is very spacious, with seating arrangements conducive for casual intimate talks and gathering among friends and family. The d├ęcor is truly awesome with Japanese artworks, murals, lanterns and even found a Sakura tree replica. There is soothing Japanese music playing in the background and if you’re lucky you can watch a live musician strumming some traditional tunes using a “kato” a Japanese old string instrument.

BANZAI| Glorious Food Everywhere

I never had seen so many dishes in one place at the same time. The variety of popular Japanese dishes that we Filipinos all love like the sushi, sashimi, tempura, maki, teppanyaki, gyoza and even the humble tokiyaki has its own section. 

The Tokiyaki section- freshly made with real seafood and veggies. Hontoni oishi desu! Hai!

Dining supervisor Ms. Dina was very accommodating she even served me a freshly made Sukiyaki. Domo Ms. Dina!

My Banzai Sukiyaki bowl- great tasting juicy beef and hot noodle soup- my comfort food of choice specially when its raining.

The famous noodle dish from Japan Sukiyaki is made fresh by order which I love so much for its juicy premium beef slices that is very pleasant to chew and very tasty. I am not a huge sushi or sashimi lover (I don’t eat raw meat) but Banzai have the freshest fish meat like salmon and tuna plus other seafood delicacies such as squid and “uni” (sea urchins) that I could not really resist.

Sushi galore!

Lot more sushi to satisfy your appetite.

Banzai Sashimi- delicately fresh and delicious. Good thing they have a seared version which I prefer than the raw ones.

This is my Banzai sushi plate- tried tasting every kind. Plate number 1.

A section dedicated to beverages is neatly tucked on the side with wide variety of cold and hot drink choices. Ice tea, juice, coffees and traditional tea are overflowing. Just get what you want to drink.

What would go best with Japanese feast? Iced Tea, Lemonade, Chocolate Drink, Cappuccino, Hot Tea or Beer....Japanese Sake is also available upon request but with additional charge.

This is just one area of the salad/appetizer/starter section. All fresh vegetables delicately sliced.

Yes, there are Nachos at Banzai with variety of toppings and dip.

Best baked breads anyone?

Bread bun, sausages and beefy burger.

Cold cuts are perfect with Banzai fresh breads.

Gyozas at Banzai have 3 varieties- chicken, pork and vegetables. All tasted equally good!

There is a salad bar stocked with fresh veggies and assortment of goodies with cold “sobas” (ramen) that you can create on your own. I was even surprised to see pizzas with Japanese twist, nachos, breads and cold cuts in the appetizer section.

Cold Sobas (noodles) for appetizer.

This pizza has no tomato sauce but generously made with cheese and shrimps.

There is an area dedicated to roasted meats- roasted Peking duck, Hainanese white chicken, regular roasted chicken and pork asado roast. All complimented with tasty sauces.

The roast meat section. There is really nothing Japanese about it but a slice or two of their tasty roasted dishes is an added delight.

A huge area is dedicated to dessert- here you can order a freshly made crepe with your choice of, bananas, mangoes or blueberries filling. Halo-halo Japanese style is also available, Banzai “turon”, small cakes, tiny cute custard pies and many more to savor. The variety is endless.

The dessert section is like a candy store and honestly I really don't even know where to start. How about you?

This is very Pinoy- Banzai's version of Turon and Minatmis na Saging (sweetened plantains).

Fruits sliced into bite size pieces and a bowl of fruit salad.

 More desserts....the choices are very tempting at Banzai! This section is heaven for people with sweet tooth. But I tell you their cakes, tarts and made to order crepe are delicately sweetened allowing guest to indulge a little bit more.

As much as I would like to try all of Banzai's desserts- this is my plate trying hard to accommodate as much as sweets I can eat. Plate no. 2.

At the middle there are several dishes for main dish alongside a Mongolian barbecue section, teppan and a lot lot more. And honestly I am too full to give it a try- I regret not savoring dishes from the main section but there is always a next time.  

The Mongolian Barbecue section- fresh vegetables, meats, rice and a wide array of sauces- yummy!

My Banzai favorite-why? See the tender beef slices hugging the Kani (crab stick) and asparagus OMG! All of these are grilled to perfection- slightly charred with grill marks that truly tickle my palate. Ahh.. the chiken teriyaki is also worth mentioning.

More grilled delights- savory chicken pieces, eggplant (nasu) and the humble white onions- sweet and juicy.

Sauces at Banzai are overflowing too!

My plate number 3: I thought it was bacon but it was the most tender beef slice that I ever tasted. Love the grilled stuff here and this is one of my many Banzai favorites.

Still on plate number 3-(they have small plates-okay!) On the top is the fried chicken, grilled pork, tonkatsu and yakitori (grilled chicken pieces with leeks on skewers). Love everything on this plate! Oishi kudasai!

Plate number 4 (yes,they have tiny plates) is a Pinoy favorite- the Tempura. Got myself all 5 pieces of Ebi (shrimp) tempura and passed on the veggies- this is what I call buffet management. Wish I stocked on more tempura...perhaps next time I'll have around ten.

Amazing wall murals depicting the rich heritage of the Japanese culture. This is one tiny room that guests could dress up as a Sumo wrestler, Geisha, Shogun or a Ninja. All great for Banzai photo ops!

Posters outside the restaurant announcing promos and discounts. If you or a loved one will celebrate a birthday- the celebrant gets to feast for free. Group discounts are also being offered- the more people you take along with you at Banzai means more discount.

Domo arigatou gozaimasu! Thank you very much Banzai and Zomato for a memorable gastronomical experience and for sure I will be back to try everything you have.

But wait- there's more!!! Surprise- surprise!

Just as I thought the whole Japanese Banzai feast is over here comes a surprise buffet entry that you should all try.  A Paella that is so tempting with heaping servings of meats, sausages and vegetables executed in the most delicious way for everyone to savor. Too bad I missed taking a photo of the stuffed lechon- yes they have it too! Weekends are better since they serve a variety of dishes.

My Final BANZAI verdict: Paying a little over a thousand is such a small price to spare for a lavish Banzai buffet. Considering the extensive array of dishes, the many food stations, inclusion of beverages, the Japanese themed ambiance and not to mention the Teppanyaki show (chefs moment to shine) and the music, the whole Banzai experience is one good memory that I will relive from time to time. Banzai means ten thousand years literally which is often referred to as shouts of excitement. Let's all give a shout-out to another ten thousand years of prosperity and good food - BANZAI!!!!

BANZAI: The Teppanyaki Theater Restaurant is located in the nice area along the Manila Bay. It's on Building J, SM by the Bay, Seaside, Mall of Asia. Call them for reservations and ask about their promos at this numbers
0916-3775357 0999-4713597 552-7368. 


11 AM to 3 PM, 6 PM to 10 PM
11 AM to 3 PM, 6 PM to 10 PM
11 AM to 3 PM, 6 PM to 10 PM
11 AM to 3 PM, 6 PM to 10 PM
11 AM to 3 PM, 6 PM to 10 PM
11 AM to 3 PM, 6 PM to 10 PM
11 AM to 3 PM, 6 PM to 10 PM

A proud member of the Blogapalooza community.

NOTE: As much as I want to fill the space with food images and stories from Banzai Japanese Ultimate Buffet, this post would turn into a novella if I did just that. There is really more to discover at Banzai and its time for you to explore and indulge. See you there!


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