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Rexona Run To Your Beat 2014: The Most Awaited Running Event of The Year

Rexona Run To Your Beat 2014: For Fun and Good Health

As we all know running is a fantastic way of getting fit. Not only we get to burn more calories, it also strengthens the whole body. One major benefit of running is that it enhances the circulatory system by distributing fresh oxygen to the entire body which is good for cardiac health. Running also aids in the development of lean muscles thus improving one's metabolic system. It keeps the bones stronger while enhancing the immune system. I could go on and on with all the benefits but the question is- Is running a fun activity? YES! 

Rexona the number one deodorant and antiperspirant brand in the Philippines teamed up with the best running coach Rio dela Cruz and with popular disc jockeys in the metro such as Ace Ramos, Deuce Manila, Euric, Motherbasss, MC Pao, Martin Pulgar and Mars Miranda to give you a unique running experience that will surely motivate you to start a new fitness routine. Rexona will truly inspire you to stay fit while providing you the self-confidence you'll need when you run through an unmatched protection system keeping sweat and odor away.

What to expect at the Rexona Run to Your Beat 2014?

Rexona is committed in promoting fitness through sports and just like last year, they hosted a huge running event. But this year would be far more exciting since Rexona will be incorporating a multi-sensory experience making this running event unique. 

With running guru Rio dela Cruz who will be conducting a series of running clinics which will run from September 16 until October 23'14 at the 360 Club Fitness at the Fort, will prepare any interested individual for running. Register first for the Rexona Run 2014 and avail of the free running clinic with details that you could view on the Rexona Facebook page then click on the Training Camp tab. 

Running guru Rio dela Cruz will inspire you to get fit through running.

Rio and I had a fun chat then out of then out of the blue I can't help but ask a question that I've been dying to know for years- Is your hair naturally curly? He graciously answered "Yes." with a big smile on his face.

Exclusively designed runner's medals

Awesome Rexona running singlet design combining the elegance of black and eclectic colors of neon green and electric blue.

Celebrity model and fashion icon Apples Aberin is a running enthusiast too and revealed that running keeps her fit and beautiful.

There will be lively upbeat music complete with the best sound equipment, dynamic lighting and tunnels that runners will have to pass through. Three newly designed running tunnels will be set-up with such themes as Disco, Retro and EDM- all dressed up with visual effects featuring graffiti art, roller bladders, laser lighting and disco balls. WOW! What a great way to run- sure you'll be able to keep up with the phase and look forward to what's in store at the finish line. 

Skye Lounge Roofdeck at W High Street Building in BGC was the venue for the launching of Rexona Run 2014 on Sept. 8,2014. It was raining the whole afternoon but media people and selected bloggers trooped the place and had a blast! I did.

Stage is set before the event.

Gorgeous Apples Aberin with fellow runners mingling with media people and bloggers.

Rio dela Cruz candidly answers questions from the media.

After attending the Rexona Run to Your Beat 2014 media conference I am now more inspired to stay fit and healthy starting today by signing-up as a runner on October 26, 2014 which will happen at the SM Mall of Asia. Now I've got my exclusive Rexona Runner's singlet, I've got to prep my body to endure the 5K run and expect to have the best run of my life! I am confident that Rexona won't let me down.....

My Rexona singlet and application.

  Go ahead and experience the most awaited running event of the year and register here!

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