Wednesday, September 3

Streetwise Dining Experience: How to Treat Family on a Meager Budget

Eating Out on a Tight Budget at Chef Brown in San Juan

It is customary and almost a ritual after our Sunday Mass, to go out and have something to eat. That is why kids look forward every Sunday to hearing mass and will later pester me to eat out, even if I already prepared meals at home. Probably this is a good way to encourage kids to attend the Sunday mass through family bonding even on simple food.

Good thing a neighbor recommended Chef Brown along P. Parada in Sta. Lucia San Juan City, a humble place where great food is serve at affordable prices. Probably San Juan is the smallest city among the rest of NCR and getting to Chef Brown is just a couple of minutes ride.

The place is along the main road, it has a few tables inside and an outdoor dining area. The ambiance is a bit like the typical carinderia scene although the place is not classy but mind you, the food is good and it is so cheap!
Chef Brown offers food on their menu that is cook fresh upon ordering. And this is one factor that I am recommending this hole in whole resto in San Juan.

Yes, it's cheap just paid less than 600Php and our stomachs are full! They even have a delivery and it's open 24/7.

The whole gang is enjoying our cholesterol loaded dishes for late lunch. Food is good when shared with your loved ones. Everybody happy!

Lechon Kawali with bagoong, anyone?

Chef Brown's Tokwa't Baboy. A usual dish you'll see in street side carinderias but this one is special with crispy pork lechon kawali.

This is the first time that I've eaten Pork Sisig without the usual hot sauce or seasoning. In other words this is very delicious. My ultimate Chef Brown favorite. 
Chef Brown's own version of Lasagna. Gooey, saucy and cheesy. A sure hit with the kids.

Chef Brown's Beef Salpicao is a bestseller. 

UPDATE 2015: Been ordering for delivery and the usual dishes that we order are- pork sisig, chicken sisig and the delicious Chef Brown pansit guisado filled with lechon kawali which is good for sharing.

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