Wednesday, September 3

Gastronomical Delight in Laoag: The Saramsam Experience

Like any other trip the excitement of experiencing local cuisine is one highlight of any travel. Being a certified foodie I will never pass this chance of sharing my ultimate Ilocano food experience.

Stayed for week at Balay da Blas in Laoag and one of my most cherished experience is sampling the local food. Good thing that this Laoag popular vacation house has a true gem and it's called Saramsam.

The word Saramsam is an Ilocano word meaning "a fun casual way to dine" which is perfect for this charming place. Saramsam restaurant is a must visit tourist destination when in Laoag not only for their delectable dishes but for the cozy Filipino ambiance that connotes priceless heritage of our culture.

Saramsam has a unique ancestral home ambiance. Filled with antique decors and artifacts depicting Filipino culture.

Cozy outdoor dining area and great place to unwind with a bottle of beer and a tasty original Pinakbet Pizza.

Inside the main dining hall. The interior of Saramsam will surely take you into another era.

Ceilings in this restaurant are not spared from the lavish decor. Above our table is a beautiful antique chandelier and a magnificent ceiling treatment which is totally mind-blowing!

Pizzas are serve with a twist. Injected with Ilocano flare that creates a unique experience in your taste buds.

One long table with an antique wooden church bench of the bygone era. Notice the paintings and wall decor timeless pieces.

Seating options upstairs.

My ultimate favorite. Saramsam signature Fresh Tamarind Juice. I can drink a whole pitcher of this refreshing drink. Nothing like it on the planet!

Wall murals and lavish antique decor adorned the second floor dining area.
So when in Laoag or nearby towns be sure to drop by at Saramsam Ylocano Restuarant and Bar and have a unique unforgettable dining experience like no other. Food is superb and the ambiance is priceless!

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