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BEST Center: Brings Out the Best in Kids through Sports

Getting your child into sports is vital to kids’ overall development. It does not only help them hone their athletic skills and build physical strength. More importantly, it also instils in them the value of self-discipline, camaraderie, teamwork, perseverance and above all, sportsmanship that leads them to become the best that they can be. But aside from getting into sports, support from their parents, coaches as well as from school officials is equally important. With proper moral, emotional and financial support as well as time and guidance, kids become better athletes and individuals especially in dealing with both victory and defeat. SBP National Champion Dela Salle Greenhills This is adopted at the recently concluded SBP-Passerelle, the longest-running twin tournament in the country. Organized by multi-awarded and pioneer of basketball clinics in the country, BEST (Basketball Efficiency and Scientific Training) Center, the twin tournament gives im

Chocovron Review: Making Your Polvoron Dreams Possible

Who does not love polvoron? I presumed that most Filipinos find polvoron irresistible and at one point in time you tried making one at home in your own kitchen. We all can agree that polvoron has been a staple to us Pinoys for hundreds of years now. First introduced by the ‘conquestadors’ during the Spanish invasion, from then on Filipinos have reinvented and tweaked the basic polvoron recipe (flour+milk+butter or margarine) into special homemade delicacies adding various ingredients to the basic mix and today Chocovron is making your every polvoron dreams come true. CHOCOVRON Overview Chocovron was born out of love for a truly Pinoy delicacy snack called polvoron by a husband and wife team Joey and Marissa back in 2003. What propelled them in innovating polvoron to a whole new level of taste experience is the challenge to make the ordinary polvoron into extraordinary thus they were the first to introduce the chocolate coated (covered) or chocovron p