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BANZAI: The Ultimate Japanese Buffet

So Much to Taste, Eat and See at Banzai Bring your appetite and explore… When was the last time that you had a buffet only to find out that you are not totally satisfied? Buffet lunch or dinner is the latest trend now hitting the metro with new restaurant opening almost on a weekly basis. Buffets can be expensive or cheap depending on how extensive are the offerings, the quality of food and of course the ambiance. The exterior facade of Banzai- the red huge Banzai signage is very inviting. The entrance to Japanese (and more) food paradise! Irasshaimase! Being inside Banzai you'll feel you are somewhere in Tokyo. Banzai spacious and cozy dining area. Banzai- The Great Teppanyaki Theater offers the best buffet feast that you can ever have- I mean it when I say this. Of course I would not be making this huge statement without having to try it myself. Lucky enough, I was invited as a big foodie reviewer at Zomato just this afternoon to sample