Tuesday, September 16

BDJ BOX Beauty Social Camp Gorgeous: Inspiring Filipina Beauty

BDJ Camp Gorgeous- A beauty event that you should not miss!

Filipinas nowadays, regardless of age and status are constantly in search for effective beauty products and make-up tricks that could enhance their looks. I must admit, I am one of the many ladies who are in constant search- ending up buying new shampoo to try, make-up to put on, skin care product, etc. which I end up hoarding- all for “display only”. I am guilty as charged! I realized that I’ve been wasting money with products that I am not so happy about- many of which are still unopened and just waiting to be pass on to somebody or will end up in the garbage bin come expiry date. Such a waste!

Thanked God to BDJ Box Camp Gorgeous, I am lucky to attend this wonderful event and already subscribed to the monthly BDJ Box which I am waiting patiently. I am a real sucker for beauty tips and effective beauty products and being at the Skydome on September 14 (regardless that it was raining like crazy outside) for the bdj beauty social is one cool experience that every lady should not miss. I am glad to learn practical beauty tips and get to sample cool products which are deciding points if I should buy it or not.

I listened attentively to the Beauty Ministry and BDJ Box chosen beauty gurus, whom all of them I adore- which equipped me with proper ideas in looking so gorgeous including proper make-up application, hair health and style, skin care and proper attitude. What a way to spend my time- each minute was truly worth it.

The BDJ Camp Gorgeous featured commendable products- all of the highest standards with world class reputation. Booths were set-up for Heroine Make-Up Japan, Cover Girl, Kalm Cosmetics, Revlon, Max Factor, Yves Rocher, PAC, Glam Glow, Benefit Cosmetics, L’Oreal Paris, Too Cool for School, Piandre and even Canon joined this event. 

Bellas (as BDJ fondly call its pretty Filipina members), were treated with free make-overs, make-up tips and lessons, photo sessions, product sampling, valuable talks and of course the much awaited BDJ Box loot bag which is filled with beauty essentials from full size Pantene hair products, trial samples, discount coupons and a Cosmopolitan or Women’s Health magazine- which we all loved!

Selca time! Had a make-over and never been gorgeous as ever. Thanks BDJ!

The BDJ Box Beauty Social Camp Gorgeous event is an inspiring experience that has enriched and even empowered Filipinas to look their very best regardless of body size, culture and age. It has crossed all beauty barriers bringing the Bellas and the beauty experts closer together in one united message that we Filipinas can feel naturally beautiful inside and out. 

Thanks BDJ Box for this memorable beautifying experience!

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