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Pilipinas Shell Women Drive the Future: Empowering Women on the Road

In today’s technology driven world, unfortunately there is still discrimination or stereotyping about women drivers. Amidst the clamor for women empowerment, wherein women are recognized for exemplary abilities, stigma still prevails against women drivers. As the world celebrates the International Women’s Month last March, Pilipinas Shell is also celebrating its 105 glorious years in the Philippines. Known as the global leader in power and energy, Shell launched a unique campaign that will provide a platform that aims to empower women to take the lead in creating a bright future which will subsequently eradicate the stigma against female drivers. Vanessa Ejercito, Shell FuelSave Brand Manager The campaign is aptly dubbed as “Women! Drive the Future”, that is geared towards empowering women drivers redefining the essence of women who drive while crashing down the stereotype beliefs associated with female drivers. This campaign will support meaning

Chic Way to Chill with Carlo Rossi Pink Moscato

Because some like it deliciously sweet…in pink! When you think about wine, you envision a relaxing moment after work with friends or a fancy dinner with your SO or simply chill mode enjoying your ‘me time’. Whichever way you prefer having your wine and when or with whom you want to share it with, one thing is for sure- wine can make you feel good. But what about having your wine in PINK? Gearing away towards the usual red or white wine variety comes a refreshingly light and aromatic concoction called Pink Moscato. And when it comes to wines, one brand name comes to mind and its CARLO ROSSI. What is PINK MOSCATO? Pink Moscato is a delightful variation on the wine, that features white Moscato wine made from Muscat Blanc grape variety. Added to the mix is a dash of Merlot making it uniquely invigorating in terms of flavor and texture. With subtle floral notes in the right sweetness and medley of fruity flavors of peach, nectarine and

Discover Mermaid Island Organic and Cruelty-Free Make-Up

Make-up and cosmetic products are supposed to make us look pretty but most beauty products are loaded with synthetic ingredients that can affect our skin and health. What good it is to look all dolled-up when you know you are putting on toxins on your skin which can be absorbed by the body? So, before you dab those lip tints or dust your cheeks with that store-bought blush-on think again and better think harder.  There’s no doubt that smart women nowadays are conscious about what they use on their face and invest on good all-natural and organic make-up products. It may be costly compared to the what you commonly see on the market, but they know that they are doing themselves a favor by taking care of their well-being not only their looks. But certified organic cosmetic need not be expensive, and this is the perfect solution that Mermaid Island thought of offering to all ladies both young and old. Mermaid Island SEAcrets Revealed HOW IT ALL BEGAN:

Sanib Pwersa Bonsai Exhibit at SM North Edsa: Mesmerizing Union of Art and Nature

“Bonsai represents the three virtues or shin-zen-bi, which translates into truth, goodness and beauty.” When nature thrive, there is always something beautiful and precious around us. Nature is often associated with feelings of tranquility, a zen-like sense of being that is calming and endearing. Art on the other hand represents ingenuity- a means of creative expression. When you combine nature and art together you’ve got something more profound such as bonsai, ikebono, suiseki and ikebana which are ancient Japanese art disciplines that are being enjoyed by many people today. SM Supermalls has once again presented a worthy and unique exhibit of precious bonsai trees in pots, viewing stones, and ikebana arrangements plus workshops by Masters of the craft. Dubbed as “Sanib Pwersa- Art + Nature Bonsai Competition and Exhibit”, this public and free event was held at The Block at SM City North Edsa last March 22 to 25. With more than 200 bonsai trees,