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Edu and Luis Manzano for Shakey’s Lucky 2018 Meal Deal

When it comes to pizza it has always been Shakey’s! I have fond memories of Shakey’s while growing up and it has been our family’s favorite ever since. Imagine this world’s greatest pizza parlor has been in the Philippines since 1974- wow!! That’s 43 years of pizza goodness and more. Now enter 2018, many things have changed, but Shakey’s has been consistent in providing the best pizzas, chicken & mojos, salads and pastas all these years and one amazing promo would make 2018 a lucky year for all of us. What is Shakey’s Lucky 2018 Meal Deal? 2 Large Thin Crust Pizzas 2 Pasta platters 10 pieces Chicken ‘n’ Mojos 10 pieces Mozzarella sticks Salad platter 2 Ice Tea pitchers FREE SHAKEY”S SUPERCARD all for Php 2018!!! (savings 2063 pesos) Shakey’s #LUCKY2018 Meal Deal with Edu and Luis I definitely started the year right with Edu and Luis when Shakey’s introduced the epic meal deal of the year. In a media launch

GAOC Brings Philippine Dental Implant to Global Standards

Demand for dental osseointegration, also known as dental implant, in the Philippines has been increasing in recent years, and it’s not showing any signs of stopping. A type of procedure that positions titanium into the jawbone beneath the gum to allow replacement teeth to be mounted, it is the best option to achieve natural-looking teeth, improved speech, easier eating, longevity and improved self-esteem. While it is fast becoming a popular dental procedure, the country is still in the process of growing and maturing. And with the help of world authority on dental implant Dr. Peter Moy who recently flew to Manila from Los Angeles, California for a one-day conference where he shared his knowledge on dental osseointegration, dental practitioners are now more well-equipped to bring the country to global standards. The conference was a rare opportunity for dental practitioners to learn from the expert himself as he demonstrated a live dental implant surgery as well as