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5 Reasons to Study in iACADEMY Makati

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. - Albert Einstein Education is very valuable for Filipinos. You’ll hear stories from many parents about how they struggled by working hard just to provide the best education for their children. Perhaps at one point in your life you heard the Pinoy phrase from your mom or dad “ mag-aral kang mabuti dahil ang edukasyon lang ang tanging maipapamana namin sa iyo . (study hard since education is the only thing that we can give you)” In order to be globally competitive and to keep up with the international quality of education, the Philippines recently adopted and implemented the K-12 and Senior High School program. Sadly, most schools are not ready, and many Filipinos thought that this is not necessary and could be a total waste of time (for the students) and money (for the parents).  Just as the country is gearing up to be globally competitive in terms of education, since 2005 iACAD