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Kamillosan M Spray: Sarah Geronimo Speaks Up

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” –Martin Luther King Jr. Sarah Geronimo belting out a powerful rendition of Ariana Grande’s Break Free which showcases her powerful voice at the Kamillosan M Spray media launch Our voice is a very integral part of our very existence, it is through our voice we are able to express, communicate and speak up for the things that we want to convey. However, there will come a time that our lifestyle could take its toll on our voice and the ability to properly communicate becomes very hard. Such instance may come as often since no one is immune to getting throat health issues and one of the most common factor that effects our voice is sore throat. What is sore throat? Viruses or bacteria normally cause sore throat. That is why sometimes beyond just irritation or itchiness, you feel pain in swallowing and swelling which greatly affects your voice. Several other things