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Herbalife Triathletes begins with a bang at Tri-United Series

Herbalife is a reputable and established company when it comes to wellness products featuring supplements that support an active and healthy lifestyle. In line with their objective of promoting overall well-being, Herbalife is committed to also support sporting events that can nurture exceptional athletes.Just recently they sponsored their own team in the first ever TRI-UNITED SERIES race for triathletes.  Herbalife Triathlon Team Below are the top finishers of the first race for the Tri-United Series held in Subic Bay Philippines, where Herbalife triathletes Lezette Albarote, Laarni Paredes, Madel Argosino, Ronald Molit and Hiroshi Takei proved that they remain a strong contender for this year.  Race results: Lezette Albarote (1 st  Place = 40-44AG and 3rd Fast Bike Split) Laarni Paredes (2 nd  Place = 35-39AG) Madel Argosino (2 nd  Place = 18-24AG) Ronald Molit (2 nd  Place = 30-34AG) Hiroshi Takei (3rd Place = 45-49AG)   Lezette Albaro

Ajinomoto Sarsaya Oyster Sauce: Transforming Ordinary Dishes into Gourmet Masterpieces

For most home buddies and moms like me, cooking is a passion. It entails tedious preparations, careful planning and perfect execution to be able to whip up something that the family or loved ones can enjoy.  However, with busy schedules and tons of things to do around the house the usual consideration when cooking at home is to prepare dishes that are easier to cook that sometimes quality and taste are compromise. Good thing that they are ways to level-up home cooking and it is as easy as adding a unique savory flavor to any dishes. Turning ordinary dishes into something extra special is now hassle free with the newest Ajinomoto product called SARSAYA OYSTER SAUCE. All it takes sometimes is adding one simple ingredient such as Sarsaya Oyster Sauce to transform ordinary dishes into gourmet home cooked meals. In the recent Ajinomoto Philippines press conference held at the hip Madison 101 Hotel in Aurora Blvd. Q.C., Ajinomoto finally launches Ajinomoto Sarsa