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MetroMart PISO SALE on Robinsons Easymart

  Get 1-peso snacks in MetroMart PISO SALE Lots of Robinsons Easymart and No Brand products for only ₱ 1.00 this Sept 30 - Oct 3,2022   The MetroMart PISO SALE continues its weekend bargain blitzes this September 30 to October 3 with snacks and other products that can be purchased for only ₱ 1.00 from Robinsons Easymart and No Brand.   All participating stores of Robinsons Easymart and No Brand in MetroMart's PISO SALE will have products available for only ₱ 1.00 within schedules of 9AM- 2PM & 3PM-8PM. A full-size loaf of Gardenia Classic white bread,1.5-liter and other sizes of Coca-Cola, potato chips and even cleaning supplies like Zonrox bleach are up for grabs from the Robinsons Easymart roster.  Say “Annyeong” to popular Korean snacks and drinks like Jjajang Ramen, Injeolmi snacks, dried seaweed snacks, banana milk, flavored tea stick packs, and potato chips from No Brand.    Please see all items up for grabs:   ROBINSONS EASYMART