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BPO Choice Awards 2014: Your Choice Your Vote

Recognizing the Power of the BPO Industry 

BPO Choice Awards 2014| Our Voice Our Vote

The BPO industry is a huge sector of our modern society that comprises various businesses across all platforms. This industry is not only made up by people who are working for call centers but it also includes laborers, skilled workers, freelance workers and even media practitioners who are outsourced.

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing has reached a new dimension bringing people from all walks of life that literally transcends borders connecting businesses to key players in the industry. The Philippines is one of the highest ranking BPO choice in the global market today, that could only mean that we Filipinos are recognized as globally competent in almost all fields. 

BPO Choice Awards 2014 is basically created to bridge the gap between IT-BPO industry workers and other facets of our society from the BPO industry itself to sports and even the showbiz industry. Through BPO Choice Awards each IT-BPO professional has all the opportunity to speak up and be heard  by voting out his or her own choice from various sectors and different businesses.

BPO Choice Awards 2014 is set to make a history as the only award giving body that represents the IT-BPO industry. If you are one of the thousands professionals who has a career in IT-BPO sector, you have every reason to celebrate and let your voice be heard. 

Official Categories for The BPO Choice Awards 2014

This category awards the excellence of BPO companies, managers, and employees.
  •     BPO Company of the Year
  •     BPO Best Place To Work
  •     BPO Employee of the Year
  •     BPO Manager of the Year
  •     BPO CEO of the Year
The awards in this category goes to excellent performance in Film
  •     Movie of the Year
  •     Best Actor of the Year
  •     Best Actress of the Year
  •     Best Supporting Actor
  •     Best Supporting Actress
The awards in this category is for the BPO industry's favorites in Television.
  •     TV Network of the Year
  •     Favorite Male Celebrity
  •     Favorite Female Celebrity
  •     Favorite TV Program
This category celebrates the BPO industry's favorite in the local Music scene.
  •     Song Of The Year
  •     Favorite Male Artist
  •     Favorite Female Artist
  •     Favorite Group Artist
The awards of this category celebrates the BPO industry's favorites in Sports. 
  •   Athlete of the Year
  •    Sports Team of the Year
The successful press launch of this momentous event took place at the iCite Auditorium in Eastwood which  was well-attended by the shakers and movers of the BPO industry including media people and reputable bloggers that all together support this ambitious project.

Online registration is now on-going at the BPO Choice Awards and the awarding ceremony will take place on December 13,2014 at the prestigious Resorts World Manila which will be graced by key players in the IT-BPO sector with special guests representing the entertainment industry. The BPO Choice Awards 2014 is proudly produced and manage by CORE Productions.

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