Saturday, September 27

Dinner for Carlisle: The Gift of Life

 The Most Meaningful Buffet Dinner

A Saturday night dinner that could save a little boy's life.

What could be more powerful than the love shared between a mother and her child- this we have seen time and time again in stories that we've heard or movies that we watched.  But what if you really know someone who are in a very difficult situation facing daily battles that this someone has to win all the time.

I am talking about Carlisle Von Patrick's mother who are in a predicament that we would never wish to happen to us or to anybody. Carlisle's mom Marie is a single parent that has only one wish which is to see his baby boy grow up healthy and strong. Like all mothers that only wanted the very best things for her son or daughter, Marie is doing everything she could to alleviate her baby boy's sufferings.

Carlisle was diagnosed with a life threatening disease called Craniopharyngioma which is a brain tumor when he was just 4 months old. Ever since then baby Carlisle has been going in and out of the hospital and even underwent a brain surgery to remove his tumor last June 2013 at the University of Santo Tomas Hospital. The surgery saved his life but his eyesight was affected.

With Carlisle's condition, he is required to have regularly check-ups, lab works and prescribed medications to control and monitor the status of tumor development, and with hopes that Carlisle will live a normal life as much as possible.

The "Dinner for Carlisle" is a worthy project that could help raise some awareness of brain tumors in children and at the same time help raise some funds for Carlisle upcoming second brain operation. Doctors found out that there is still a tumor growing bigger with each passing day on baby Carlisle tiny brain. This is a devastating news for mommy Marie but as a strong woman as she is, she vows to do all she can to save her baby's life.

Make your usual dinner out with family and friends  this Saturday on 27th of September even more meaningful and valuable, by spending the evening with baby Carlisle and mommy Marie at a sumptuous buffet spread of Buffet 101 at Eastwood Libis branch. For sure you'll be treated to an gastronomical delight but the most important thing you'll gain as a dinner guest of baby Carlisle, is the great feeling that you know that you are able to help a young child and his strong-willed mom.

Your presence is highly regarded at this dinner for a cause since this would be valuable in extending Carlisle's life who is now 2 years old and eager to grow up healthy beyond his childhood years.

Dinner time starts at 5:30PM and if you could come wearing grey it would be highly appreciated. You could also avail of the "#WearGreyForCarlisle" t-shirt (available in various sizes) which is only Php400. each. 

Any donation coming from you would be a big help and you can deposit your donations through:
Account Name: Marie Ruth C Berma:
  • BPI - Account# 0489653699
  • BDO - Account# 005000045298
  • LBC Pera Padala (details by request)
A GoFundMe account is already set-up for Carlisle which you can conveniently access through this link-

For more details, kindly like or please message Mommy Marie at or 09398836164.

Note: I am writing about this as my own humble way of helping baby Carlisle and mommy Marie. Please try to share your blessings.For all we know the feeling of being able to help a young little boy is truly priceless.

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