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Pepe Smith Rockfest Sets to Stage an Epic Event this June 2

“Don't falter, don't fear, just rock! Show them what you've got! Be happy!”
-Pepe Smith (05192018)

These are the words that my #PetmaluLODI and Father of Pinoy Rock Joey Pepe Smith has engraved on my soul. Yeah, this is how he moved me that afternoon on my one on one interview.

At the press conference for Pepe Smith Rockfest event at the Woodsman Head- House of Rock Makati last May 19, the main man of Pinoy Rak ‘En Roll has made his presence felt through his classic cool dude look, denim jacket and silver white hair but at 70 years young, Pepe Smith still got that enigmatic rock star presence that exudes class and genuine rock n’ roll attitude that goes without saying.

His wit and sense of humor truly is still remarkable after all these years in spite of the setbacks that he has gone through last year dealing with health issues. He is very much in the ‘zone’ and his great love for his music is burning ferociously than ever which you can see through his eyes and feel from the words that he utters- indeed Pinoy “rak en roll” is very much alive and people are hungry for it. Such perfect timing for the rock festival event happening this June 2 at Amoranto Sports Complex.

Meanwhile at the ongoing press con, excitement fills the air with friends from media all zoomed in to the main man Pepe Smith. (Photo above) Joining the “Father of Pinoy Rock” Pepe Smith at the press con are- Pearl Lleno (road manager); promoter Arnie Sison; the equally talented daughter, a rocker herself Queenie Smith; and Richard Esquejo of the Pinoy rock band Drive Train. 


Amazing performance by PEPE SMITH with Drive Train band after the press con at Woodsman Head House of Rock Makati

Details were revealed for the much awaited ala “Woodstock” event, indeed the Pepe Smith Rockfest 2018 is so much more than just a musical event since other interests are bound to be featured which truly epitomize the Pinoy rock culture.

Coinciding with the official announcement of the details for the #PepeSmithRockfest, a special surprise caught the legend Pinoy Rock icon Pepe Smith in awe, realizing that there is already a locally handcrafted guitar named after him. The Pepe Smith signature guitars are already in production masterfully crafted by Olin Bandilla, the famous maker of ukulele and other string instruments. 

“Three years in the making! Sa wakas! Meron na kong sariling line ng gitara! Ang PEPE SMITH GUITARS through the amazing craftsmanship of a dear friend. Gusto nyo? :) 100% pinoy made.. tunog takamine!!!! AVAILABLE 'TO SA JUNE 2 
BILI KAYO HA!!!!” – Joey Pepe Smith

There are two styles under the Pepe Smith guitar line, but both got the exclusive “Pepe Smith” hand signature embossed on the guitar fret- now, how cool is that? Pricing of these Pepe Smith guitars is not officially release yet, but chances are (I just overheard-so hush hush) those who will pre-order will get a personal visit from Pepe Smith delivering the guitar of course within Metro Manila area only- this is just a secret, so don’t tell anyone. Haha.

Now going back to Pepe Smith Rockfest, this will be on June 2, 2018- Saturday at Amoranto Sports Complex in QC and will start early as 9 AM. There will be over 70 bands including the bests of the best in the OPM scene. Aside from the concert which will feature various genre from ska, punk, rock, indie, metal to reggae there will a motorcycle and art exhibit, vape expo, food stalls and tattoo competition by PHILTAG. The Pepe Smith Rockfest will surely cover all aspect of the rock and roll lifestyle.
Super anxious- I am waiting for my turn as media people line-up for a Pepe Smith interview

After the press con, media guests lined up for a one and one interview, I waited and when it was my turn…I got flabbergasted- the presence of a true Pinoy rock legend is ridiculously overwhelming but I am doing my best to maintain some composure and think straight as I enjoy our moment together.

Our conversation goes very candid- several questions popped into my mind and one of them is what would be his message or parting words to people who are into music- then he said “All you gotta do is just be true to yourself. Do whatever you can to do good for everyone. Don't falter, don't fear, just rock! Show them what you've got! Be happy!”


When: June 2- Saturday
Where: Amoranto Sports Complex at 140 Don A. Roces Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila

The #PepeSmithRockfest is scheduled on June 2, 2018 at the Amoranto Stadium in Q.C. it will feature various musical genre from punk, reggae, metal, ska, indie and of course rock.

There are more than 70 top bands in the country that have already confirmed and as of the moment the list is growing.

Other activities are also lined-up that day which include Vape Expo, motorcycle exhibit, art exhibit and tattoo competition by Philtag. Redhorse is the official beverage of the event and will be available for everyone who needs a kick from time to time. Food stalls are also available to satisfy any hungry rocker.

Here is the partial list of artists and bands that will perform at the Pepe Smith Rockfest: 


  1. Agaw Agimat
  2. ANK
  3. Banda ni Kleggy
  4. Bloodshedd Pilipinas
  5. Blue Jean Junkies
  6. Bone Pagligaran
  7. Bonifacio Republic
  8. Demi
  9. Destroy Pretty Boy
  10. Distorted Mankind
  11. Drive Train
  12. Dying Manifesto
  13. Esremborak
  14. Flying Ipis
  15. Fallen Grace
  16. Gary Perez
  17. Gracenote
  18. IMAGO
  19. Inosente Band
  20. Insekto Pares
  21. Irie Project
  22. Isabelle Daza De Leon
  23. IVV
  24. Kahel
  25. Kalabopis
  26. Keane Trinity
  27. Long Time No See
  28. Maria Cafra
  29. Mayonnaise
  30. MildSkill
  31. Mortal Wounds
  32. NewLight
  33. Olivia's Curse
  34. Pahina
  35. Pastilan Dong
  36. Project VXIX
  37. Project Zero
  38. Pseudo Red
  39. Psywar
  40. Quasar
  41. Queenie Smith
  42. Razorback
  43. Rockalyt
  44. Saydie
  45. Shotgun Combo
  46. Sigaw Pilipinas
  47. Siglo
  48. Sinkro
  49. Square One
  50. Supremo
  51. The Itchy Worms
  52. The Ukulele Philippines Ensemble
  53. The Youth
  54. Tigdas
  55. Tom's World Project
  56. Tropical Depression
  57. Ukerzl
  58. Urban Bandits
  59. Virus Garden
  60. Wayback
  61. WUDS

*Pepe Smith Rockfest tickets are available at the gate. Concert starts at 9 AM on June 2 Saturday at Amoranto Stadium.

After the #PepeSmithRockfest press conference, bands went on stage to perform. The highlight of the event last May 19 is when Pepe Smith rendered 5 of his iconic hits. Together with the Drive Train band, Pepe Smith gave his all on his most loved songs, #Project, #RakEnRollToTheWorld #BeepBeep #TitsersEnemy and #BalongMalanim

Pepe Smith live! Rak 'enroll!!!

For more information, updates and how to get tickets checkout the Joey “Pepe” Smith page on Facebook.

You can text or call 09770170568 for more details.

Pepe Smith Rockfest Ticket Prices

*Gen Admission: P650.00 with 1 class B LIMITADO shirt
*VIP: P1,500.00 with 1 class A LIMITADO shirt and 1 exclusive Pepe Smith Rockfest event shirt
*SVIP: P8,500 with BACKSTAGE PASS, 1class A LIMITADO shirt and 1 exclusive Pepe Smith Rockfest

(*above offer applies to advanced ticket purchase)
Add fee for delivery via LBC
P200.00 Luzon area
P300.00 outside Luzon
Payments for the ticket and shipping should be made via bank transfer BDO Savings Account # 007030033059
Account Name: Mark Julius de Leon

*Then send us the screenshot of deposit slip at
Tickets and shirt will be delivered every Friday.
Thank you. please call or txt 09770170568 #pepesmithrockfest

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