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Planning Your 2018 Fortune through Feng Shui with Marites Allen

By your own efforts. Waken yourself, watch yourself. And live joyfully. You are the master.  

As the year comes to an end, we can’t deny that many of us are hopeful for the coming year ahead. We want to make things better and improve other aspects of our lives but what if we could plan our future and hope for better fortune. Is it possible to plan your future?

Having that question in mind, you look for ways to attract luck and improve your fortune. Others would rely their fate on fortune tellers while some would seek knowledge through an ancient science called Feng Shui and this is where the only Filipino certified feng shui master Marites Allen comes into picture.

What is feng shui?

Literally translated as wind and water, Feng Shui is an ancient science developed over 3000 years in China. It is as an art and a philosophy that is rooted with Taoist understanding. This Chinese philosophical system dwells on harmonizing everyone with the environment.

Feng Shui master Marites Allen expertise

It is a common knowledge that Ms. Marites Allen has been associated with people from showbiz industry and with the who’s who in the business sector. With more than 2 decades of practicing feng shui, Ms. Marites has dedicated her life in the research and studies of fengshui to further increase her knowledge while gaining valuable experience by travelling to various places in the world. 

Her primary goal is to help as many people as possible by providing insights, forecasts and feng shui solutions that would enhance one’s chances of gaining good fortune.

        Impeccable lunch buffet service by Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas

At the recent press conference held at Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas, Marites Allen made a short presentation of her various travels around the globe and the knowledge she gained from these trips, which she is very glad to share. 

FRIGGA Charmed Life fashionable bag and lucky earrings

At the event, her signature line of clothing and feng shui wearables called FRIGGA were showcased, all designed to imbibe positive energies. 

It was also announced on that her Feng Shui planner and Chinese horoscope feng shui guide books for the 12 signs are finally out and available nationwide under the ABS-CBN Publishing company.

With Ms. Marites Allen at the recent media launch- I am thrilled to have my Feng Shui planner and 2018 Year of the Dog Guide Book

Is possible to plan your future through feng shui?

If you’re going to ask this question to the only filipino certified fengshui master marites allen, for sure her answer would be yes. Yes, you can possibly plan your future while attracting fortune in the process. Feng shui concepts are very practical and applicable to use on the daily aspects of everyday living. if you have the right tools and knowledge.

With her solid dedication and passion for the ancient science of feng shui, Ms. Marites is able to present significant data for your birth sign that incorporates valuable insights as well as forecasts presented on her latest 2018 Year of the Earth Dog Guide for each animal sign. 

With the upcoming 13th Philippine Feng Shui Convention that will be held in Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas on January 6, 2018, expect her to discuss the significance of various symbols, the art of attracting luck through fashion and the secrets of harmonizing one’s environment to let the flow of positive energies into your surroundings. These are just a few things you can expect by attending this auspicious event that will help shape your luck in 2018 Year of the Dog.

Why do you need to get a copy of 2018 Year of the Earth Dog Guide book for each animal sign?

Through many years of research and studies feng shui master maritess allen was able to curate details for each animal sign under the Chinese astrology that she took by heart to present in a neatly written book. With easy to understand text and practical fengshui concepts, readers can easily understand the fengshui tips as well as advises that were designed to repel bad luck and attract good energy. 

  • Offers practical solutions to daily living.
  • It contains daily guide and monthly forecasts.
  • Know your auspicious days and lucky hours.
  • Learn when to execute a business idea and when not to have financial decisions.
  • Provides easy to learn feng shui strategies that you can execute right away.
  • This is the best affordable Christmas gift idea that has positive energies which everyone will appreciate.

Where can you buy Marites Allen 2018 Year of the Dog Guide book and feng shui calendar/planner?

Marites Allen’s books and planners are now available nationwide through National Bookstore, magazine stands, shops and online via Lazada. You could also visit any FRIGGA CHARMED LIFE boutiques lin SM Megamall, SM The Block North Edsa, SM Mall of Asia, Glorietta IV, Serendra, F1 Hotel The Fort and Cebu City.

Attending the 13th Philippine Feng Shui Covention on January 6, 2018 in Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas will help you acquire powerful fensghui knowledge that you can apply in your business, home and personal life. Hear credible testimonials from prominent people on how Marites Allen changed their perspective in life for the better.

You can follow and like Marites Allen through Frigga Charmed Life Facebook page to get updates, inquire and to enrich your fengshui knowledge. 

See you all lovely people at the 2018 Philippine Feng Shui Convention and make sure to grab copies of Marites Allen 2018 Year of the Earth Dog guide book for you and your loved ones.

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