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Havana Chic Bridal Shower for Happy Andrada

from Miss to Mrs

Groom to be pops the question. Happy. Bride to be says yes. Happier. Soon to be bride and groom sets the wedding day. Happiest! Indeed, for all ladies getting married is an epic milestone and having a bridal shower sets the tone for the big day.

The mood is cozy with the casual elegance of Havana chic styling adorned the entire venue. Shabby chic decors with flowers and cute pink flamingos everywhere. 

Am I in an eclectic town somewhere in Cuba? I start asking myself. It’s like guests on this posh bridal shower boot camp cum party are transported to Havana. This is what you can expect when someone as talented and creative as Happy Andrada plans and executes her own bridal shower.

Being someone globally recognized in the fashion industry, Happy Andrada has conquered the runways in Miami, Hong Kong, Beijing, Las Vegas, Toronto, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Singapore, Japan, Rome and Milan. With many recognitions and awards under her belt, Happy Andrada’s intricately eclectic brand of fashion just characterized her unique creations which can be found on her prêt à porter. Her signature pieces highlights her travels in a creative haute couture fashion distinctly connote her personal taste and F*ART brand.   

The Bridal Shower: Havana Chic Style

Realizing how creative Happy Andrada is as a person and as a notable fashion designer, her bridal shower boot camp was executed perfectly last November 11 at The Den in Marriot Hotel.
Happy Andrada looks amazingly happy on her bridal shower

Guests came in their best havana chic attire while the bride to be looks amazing in her uniquely designed shabby chic dress. Everyone looks lovely that day.

Viva Andrada looks pretty in her red floral dress and Havana hat- here's Viva giving out her sweet message to her sister

Food and wine are overflowing with various carts that offer rainbow colored cotton candy, variety of pasta dishes, topped rice dishes and ice cream. 

The sweetest of them all- delicious cake and cupcakes from Love Viva

The main buffet table has a bit of everything delicious from Japanese and Chinese staples to roasted turkey but the dessert table with the beautifully made floral themed cake and the fancy cupcakes really caught the eyes and the palate of the guests. These yummy goodies were lovingly created by the bride-to-be sister Viva Andrada O’Flynn. Viva is an exceptionally gifted in baking and talented in many ways too.

Knowing the vibrant persona of Happy Andrada, the event went on with fantastic activities and fun ‘naughty’ games.

The Eggplant 'manipulation' challenge

the 'Blow Job" condom blowing challenge- may the biggest condom win!

Make-up 101 by MAC Philippines- bridal make-up demo

A make-up tutorial by MAC demonstrated how to look fab in an instant. Burlesque PH taught the art of seduction via a sexy number with some of the guests. 

Oh lala...Burlesque PH demonstrating the art of seduction

raffle time!

And of course, there was the Banana Eating Challenge wherein I joined and to my surprise- I won. Yipee!

*The dreaded "Banana Eating" challenge. Why the hell did I join- I have such a tiny mouth and can't barely finish a half banana..haha. (I'm wearing a lacy black dress with pink flowers on my head)

*Picture below shows how hard I chew and almost choke on my big banana. Oh well, gotta swallow the whole bloody thing..burp! This naughty game proves me one thing- that I am capable of enjoying 'huge and long" banana..hehe. (wink-wink)

But the highlight of this event is when Happy Adrada presented her newest Havana Chic Collection. Statuesque models paraded in elegantly designed dresses exuding the vibrant Miami scene vibe. 

Hip, preppy, shabby chic and yet elegant, the models sashayed the runway with their cool Happy Andrada creations wearing Keds sneakers in glittering gold, silver and classic white. Totally hip- totally happy!

Each dress has a unique character in terms of creative design and play of fabric. Colors are subtle in almost pastel hues of rose, pink and beige. The matching accessories on the model completed the havana chic fashion look. Thanks to FLY Shades for the cool eyewear.

And the fabulous bridal shower of happy andrada took us into the night with such fun memories and positivity that anything is possible. Pushing one’s creativity beyond its limit is what this event has significantly taught me. If you put your heart and mind into something then anything is possible.

So grateful for Happy and Viva Andrada for the invitation and for the warm welcome, I rarely attend bridal showers but this one is for the books! 

For amazingly cool ensembles of Happy Andrada including the latest Havana collection, they are now available at her fashion house F*ART fashion+art on Facebook which you can follow and like. Ready to wear happy andrada bridal gowns and one-of-a-kind dresses are on display at her shop  too. FART is located at 24 J. Erestain Street corner K- 1103, K-1st St, Kamuning, Quezon City with number 0917 524 2779.

And when it comes to dessert and heavenly baked cakes and more, Viva Andrada has the knack for anything sweet and beautiful treats. 

For fabulous baked goodies such as cakes, cupcakes and more you can check out Love Viva Cakes on Facebook

The dynamic Andrada sisters duo is superbly talented when it comes to fashion and arts. Can’t wait for their next move- be it an event, party or fashion show. These girls really got elegant taste coupled with quirky attitude. Rock on Andrada sisters!

To Happy- congratulations and enjoy the blissful blessings of being married. And to Viva- thank you very much for your kindness and for the warm invitations to your events. Long live the Andradas! 

 Video clip courtesy of Wedding Essentials

*Photo credit goes to an amazing photographer 
Ryan Reyes of   Chosen By Destiny

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