Wednesday, December 6

Aiai delas Alas’ Restaurant Ai Sarap Express Now Open

When you feel hungry, you can’t help but look for food to quickly relieve your hunger pangs. This is the very reason why Aiai delas Alas thought of opening a new restaurant. She wants her food in an instant cause hunger waits for no one.

Being a busy person and always on the go, Aiai delas Alas together with son Sancho just recently opened a new restaurant called Ai Sarap Express. As the name suggested, ai sarap express offers popular Asian dishes with a Filipino twist that is ready to eat with zero wait time. 

Sancho Vito Delas Alas, Ai Ai Delas Alas, and Chef Nino of AI SARAP EXPRESS RESTAURANT

With a “turo-turo” concept, one can easily choose among an array of dishes displayed on their counter. 

Choose among the available dishes displayed on the counter- one set meal with one rice, viand and soup starts at Php 135.00

Most of ai sarap express food are chicken dishes in various sauces, a couple of popular noodle dishes, rice and soup. An a la carte menu for seafood, veggies, pork and beef dishes are also available.

Inaugurated last December 2, the grand opening of Ai Sarap Express went on successfully with Aiai delas Alas and her family warmly welcomed invited guests to savor their food offerings. The simple celebration that day included “FREE MEAL” stubs, which were given to their guests as a token of appreciation. 

Invited guests of mostly food bloggers are coming in and were given a meal stub for them to try ai sarap express food

Chef Nino of Ai Sarap Express restaurant 

My meal ticket equals to one choice of ulam (lemon chicken), ai sarap fried rice and soup.

Each meal ‘ticket’ is exchanged to a meal set comprising of rice, one ready-to-eat viand and soup which comes with iced tea drink. Each combo meal set is tagged starting at Php 135.00 to around Php 280.00 for a la carte dish entrees.

Fish, Tofu and Eggplant Stir Fry

Lemon Chicken

Beef Broccoli ala carte dish

sweet sour pork

Pancit Pa-Cham

Ideally situated in the heart of Quezon City, AI SARAP EXPRESS has a straightforward ambiance; the restaurant looks clean with its white wall interior and spacious dining area. The kitchen looks neat too. Ample parking is also available and the restaurant is very visible since it’s fronting ABS-CBN.

So if you want to grab some quick bites and enjoy Asian or Chinese style cooking, do drop by at AI SARAP EXPRESS. 

Ai SARAP Express on Facebook 
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