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Vittorio’s Steak House in QC is More Than Just Good Steaks

“Good food is very often, even most often, simple food.”
–Anthony Bourdain

Raise your fork if you love a good steak! For any foodie, discovering a new place for a good steak is quite something. Steaks may come in various cuts, different flavoring and presentation but not all steaks are created equal. The reason that I am saying this is because I just discovered a good steak house in QC and this is Vittorio’s Steak House.

Located in the suburbs of a quiet neighborhood in QC, Vittorio’s Steak House offers more than just good steaks they also have other yummy dishes. 

The place exudes a homey ambiance that is just classy and yet inviting. The look and feel of vittorios restaurant is simple but perfect for casual bonding with friends and elegant enough for intimate dates.

Now you get the picture, that’s why celebs love to hang out in here. Although Vittorio’s Steak House QC is relatively new, loyal patrons look forward in dining here just to taste their good steaks and delicious dishes.

Owner and chef Victor Daluz is passionate about food and from his years of professional experience in the culinary industry abroad, his love for good food inspired him to have his own restaurant and do wonders in his kitchen.

Chef Victor with his good taste for satisfying food is able to give his personal touches here and there, making popular dishes distinctly Vittorio’s. It’s nice to know that he personally sees the operations of his restaurant and very hands-on in the kitchen, ensuring all of us that great rewarding feeling after we dine.

Talk about good comfort food, vittorios qc has a good list of home-style cooked dishes, international entrees and good steaks on their menu. From delicious soups, starters, to main courses, Chef Victor always have one thing on his mind and that is to satisfy the diners of Vittorio’s.

Vittorio’s Steak House Food

STARTERS- Vittorio’s Soups, Salads and Desserts
Soups and salads compliment any main course and they perfectly go well with steaks. Vittorio’s steak house in qc has the best soup and salad offerings and I am just happy I get to enjoy them.

Crab Bisque Soup

Creamy and yummy soup that echoes the flavors of the sea. This vittorio’s dish is flavored with genuine crabmeat based soup with delicate balance of creaminess.

Corn Chowder Soup

Not your typical powdered cream of corn soup. It’s very tasty with distinct real corn taste in perfect consistency that you can’t get enough of. One bowl is not enough since you will want more of this.

Chop Noodles Salad with Miso Dressing

With slices of meaty shrimps, greens, chopped noodles and topped with cheese this salad speaks of various degrees of flavor layering that can tickle taste buds.

Mixed Green Salad with Balsamic Vinegar

Different greens topped with croutons and drizzled with balsamic vinegar may sound very simple and yet it has a heavenly effect on your palate. The delicate balance of flavors from the tanginess, earthy greens and a little sweetness makes it perfect for all veggie salad lovers.

Rebel Bar and Brownies

Vittorio’s Steak House dessert choices vary depending on what’s available on that day. But one thing is for sure, that it will go well with coffee since capping off a good meal with simple dessert and coffee is pleasurable too. Good thing Chef Victor loves good coffee and that’s why they also serve it at Vittorio’s.

APPETIZERS and PASTAS- Vittorio’s Pasta dishes and More
Chef Victor of Vittorio’s steak house simply knows how to tease one’s appetite. Vittorio’s QC offers an amazing array of simple and yet elegantly tasty pasta dishes and appetizers.

Oyster Rockefeller

Oyster lovers will surely delight to munch on this seafood dish. Baked fresh oysters with cheese on top and seasoned with choice spices really exude a pleasurable taste. One of Vittorio’s bestsellers.

Crab Cake

One may dream of indulging on a good crab cake and glad that Vittorio’s got this on their menu. Simply appetizing with subtle real crab flavor that embraces the creaminess of the potato based patty- it’s crab cake dream world in your mouth!

Clams Pasta

As the name suggested, this pasta dish from Vittorio’s offers a no fuss and straightforward noodle entree. The clam flavor stands out with every bite that even nibbling the noodle alone can give off the true essence of clam taste.  There’s a delicate balance of flavors and the clams on the side shouts real seafood pasta goodness- clams rule!

Shrimp Pesto Linguini

Ohlala…how lovely the interlocking of flavors plays in your mouth. The vibrant fresh shrimp taste and the subtle pesto sauce defines the awesomeness of this Vittorio’s favorite. Goes well with reds for a romantic dinner- think about your next date…divine!

MAIN ENTREES- Vittorio’s Gastronomical Masterpieces
What a sheer bliss to be able to indulge on good food and surely Chef Victor knows his way around in keeping his clients loyal with happy tummy like me. His choice of food entrees may jump from one type of cuisine to another but one thing is constant- he gives value to good taste and that is what he does best. So without further ado here are the mains:

Beef and Garlic Mushroom

One may think of this dish as a spin off to Beef Salpicao- there’s no argument in this since taste is relative. This Vittorio’s hit dish highlights the juiciness of tender beef meat pieces that perfectly embraces the rustic flavor of garlic. Adding some chewy mushrooms on the ‘ménage à trois’, the foreplay of flavors gets you off to a full foodgasm…foodies get ready and enjoy some primal pleasure!

Meatball with Honey Soy Glazed

Not your ordinary meatball dish since this has nothing tomatoish on it. Good grounded beef meat seasoned just right, fried and drizzled with a perfectly blended honey soy glazed sauce is simply heaven. How in the world can meatballs taste this good, only Chef Victor knows the formula for this. Balls these good never go to waste- indulge and don’t forget to slime the balls with the glazy sauce before taking a bite! Sounds naughty but that’s the way to enjoy it.

Buttered Garlic Shrimp

Ditch dieting and get ready to indulge in a maximum overload of buttery shrimps goodness. Serve with bread, this is the ‘holy trinity’ of all shrimp dishes where butter + shrimps + garlic come together as one divine taste that’s titillating to your mouth. Though a bit oily due to butter but what the heck, a ‘badass’ shrimp dish like this will never compromise the pleasure that you can derive from devouring it. So once again, surrender to what Vittorio’s Steak House can offer, Chef Victor does it again in providing gastronomical pleasure that you will never feel guilty of.

Bone-In Steak with Steak Rice

What could go wrong with a good steak and rice? Some self-confessed food experts will probably be raising an eyebrow right now but this is how Chef Victor of Vittorio’s wants his bone-in steak to be paired with. He had this idea of adopting how Pinoys enjoy their food and since rice is a staple, why not pair it with a juicy big steak. Perfectly grilled to medium rare, this bone in steak dish is very juicy and oozing with real beefy goodness. There is no need to over season it and no need to let the steak swim across gravy (sauce). What you can expect is the good beef taste but with a new twist. 

The creative side of Chef Victor has pushed the envelope further not just by adding flavored rice to the steak medley but went beyond the conventional. He thought of topping this vittorios steak dish with shrimps and even went further by adding crunchy bits of beef. Whooa! The byproduct is uniquely satisfying through layers of textures and medley of flavors that surprisingly jived in perfect synchrony. 

Revving up the taste factor to a high level such as this is naturally orgasmic- who would have thought of reinventing the way we usually eat steak but Vittorio’s. Senses overload with the kind of pleasure you’ll derive with this vittorios bestseller- leaving one in awe with sheer happiness on their mouth…aaahhh! Yummy!

The food at Vittorio’s Steak House is nothing fancy or complicated- it’s simply delicious and worth the money spent. Chef Victor doesn’t have to add some magic to his dishes he simply has a natural knack for what is good and satisfying food. 

We all need to give in to simple pleasures in life and one of them is having to eat good food that can satisfy one’s craving but leaves you coming back for more. This is what Vittorio’s is all about and Chef Victor is so ready to captivate your taste buds. Dig in and give in to the worldly pleasure from Vittorio’s. Now who’s gonna take me out for a dinner? Let’s eat!

Vittorio's Steak House location and social media ccounts:

32 Scout Borromeo Street, South Triangle, Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Philippines 1103. Contact number- (02) 738 6564

Like and follow Vittorio’s on Facebook and Vittorio’s on Instagram to learn more about good food and get some updates on promos and new food offering. Bon-a-petit! 

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