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MYX Mo! 2015 showcasing the best of OPM

Myx to launch first ever vlogger search


Over 70 of the biggest and brightest OPM stars gathered for a night in celebration of MYX’s 15 years in showcasing the best of Pinoy music at MYX Mo, the biggest and longest running OPM festival in the country.

Thyro and Yumi at MYX Mo 2015

MYX Mo 2015 fans filled the concert grounds

As early as 4PM, the crowd partied nonstop as they enjoyed the best OPM hits from MYX’s star-studded impressive roster of local artists across all genres to date –from jamming along with rock hits of Pupil to singing their hearts out to Kyla’s soulful songs.

 “The Voice Kids” alumni Lyca Gairanod at MYX Mo 2015

The MYX Mo! 2015 stage also became a platform for young rising OPM artists to wow the crowd with their incredible talent. Performances from “The Voice Kids” alumni Lyca Gairanod, Elha Nympha, and Darren Espanto had the MYX Mo! crowd shrieking and singing along to their renditions of hit songs.

 Jonalyn Viray at MYX Mo 2015


OPM artists who partied at MYX Mo! also took to Twitter to share their great experience at the biggest gathering of OPM artists this year.


RnB prince Jay-R remarked, “I’m still hung over from MYX Mo 2015. Always a great experience performing on the MYX stage.”

 Chynna Hortaleza at MYX Mo 2015

                                           Gracenote at MYX Mo 2015

DJ Tom Taus also said he was honored to be part of the biggest lineup of OPM artists for MYX Mo. He tweeted, “what a great gathering of artists and music lovers. It was an honor to close out MYX Mo 2015.”

Banda Ni Kleggy at MYX MO 2015  in white cloak

Fans on social media also said that MYX! Mo was a nostalgic music concert as it featured the best OPM hits throughout the years, while a first time MYX! Mo concertgoer described it as “the best OPM concert.”

 Singing sensation Darren Espanto at MYX Mo 2015 wowed the crowd!

MYX VJs Nikki, Chino, Robi, Ai, Erika, Tippy, and Diego also excitedly announced at MYX Mo! the music channel’s first ever vlogger search for MYXph.com which will be launched soon for MYX’s 15th year. The vlogger search will scour for the newest face and online sensation who will star in MYXclusive web videos and other creative content on MYXph.com. 

Powerful number from KZ Tandingan at MYX Mo 2015

The newest search is part of MYX’s effort to welcome changes to stay relevant and fresh to its young viewers in the years to come. MYX is currently one of the most followed youth-oriented social media account in the country with 5.7 million likes on Facebook and a whopping 5 million followers on Twitter.

  IMAGO at MYX Mo 2015

MYX is a youth-oriented music channel in the Philippines that aims to showcase music from OPM artists across all genres. It belongs to the family of cable channels under Creative Programs, Inc., a subsidiary of ABS-CBN.

at the MYX Mo! 2015 backstage:

IMAGO backstage interview

with Barbie Almalbis

cool pose with IMAGO- rock on!

with Kean Cipriano

with Chynna Hortaleza

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