Tuesday, November 24

1st Spaghetti Christmas tree in the Philippines


Now that the month of November is about to end, the anticipation for Christmas this December is filled with excitement and plans for the Holidays this year.

Christmas displays and lights are now in every corner from the streets to the shopping malls but there is one visual spectacle that is coming and has never been seen before in this way anywhere in the Philippines.

Among the familiar looking Christmas lights and decorations that we see redundantly every year, Del Monte recently started the Christmas season with an unforgettable celebration by lighting the very first spaghetti Christmas tree in the Philippines at Eastwood Mall last Sunday- November 22.

Merging the iconic symbol of the Christmas tree with spaghetti which is a must for the Filipino Christmas was such a visually stunning, novel and amazing way to welcome the Holiday season. It was a reminder that indeed, Christmas is not complete without everyone’s favorite version of the best Filipino spaghetti which of course is perfectly made with the No. 1 pasta and tomato sauce brand, Del Monte. PasKumpleto Ang Sarap with Del Monte!

Started with a dimly lit Del Monte Spaghetti Christmas tree barely lit, with just a mere silhouette seen. Spectators and guests waited with curiosity as to what was so unique about this spaghetti tree to be unveiled. Christmas trees have been executed in hundreds of ways all over the world- how different could this possibly be? Was it going to be a lavish execution? Will it going to have the usual Christmas balls and ribbons? Lo and behold, after an exciting countdown, it was unveiled in such a grand fashion with lights gradually lighting every delicious-looking bit of the spaghetti tree without the usual Christmas balls but with delectable looking meatballs.

The lights were orchestrated in symphony with the angelic voices of the award-winning Vox Populi children’s choir. At the end of the lighting festivities, everyone was so thrilled to see a tree innovatively shaped to be the one thing that all of us look forward to as the star of the Christmas season’s food festivities: the Filipino spaghetti.

The lighting of the Del Monte Spaghetti Christmas tree was graced by Marc and Danica Pingris with their two adorable kids- a whimsical first of its kind Holiday event in the country. It was also a complete Christmas celebration with carolers filling the air with joyous Christmas songs while the guests were also treated to sumptuous Del Monte dishes with sweet, meaty and cheesy Del Monte Spaghetti.

We all can agree that Christmas is also the season of giving; Del Monte provided the Pingris family and lucky media friends with the chance of completing the Christmases of their chosen charities as well by sharing the goodness of Del Monte Spaghetti with the less fortunate. 

Each winning charity will get P10,000 worth of Del Monte Pamasko Packs for them to feast over for their Noche Buena. It was also announced that similar to how the Pingrises and media attendees were able to provide a PasKumpletong Sarap Christmas to these charities, visitors could also get a chance to grant a PasKumpletong Sarap Del Monte Spaghetti Christmas to their chosen recipients by dropping their charity of choice into the drop box right beside the Del Monte Spaghetti Christmas Tree which will be at the Eastwood Mall Open Park from November 22 to December 26, 2015. Winners which will be drawn weekly will get P10,000 worth of Del Monte Pamasko Packs.

Now that the delightful spaghetti Christmas tree is up and running, and with so much spaghetti around courtesy of Del Monte, it’s absolute that this 2015 Christmas will be a #PasKumpletoSaSarap holiday!

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