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Calata Corp breaks Guinness Record with ‘Lechon Party’

Calata Corporation brings honor to the Philippines by setting a new Guinness Record for the largest serving of lechon

Nov. 8, 2015, Calata Corporation, one of the largest agribusiness conglomerates in the Philippines, recently held a grand “Lechon Party”, achieving a Guinness World Record on the largest serving of roast pork. 

Liwasang Aurora in Quezon City Memorial Circle was a perfect venue for this lechon party event where thousands of people gathered for this gigantic lechon feast. Calata Corp shared this celebratory feast as an early Christmas treat for the less privileged residents of Metro Manila, as part of the company’s 16th anniversary.  
Michael Angelo Lobrin, Calata Corporation's VP for Corporate Communications, Sales and Marketing, welcomes the guests

Calata Corp. CEO Joseph Calata

Previously, the Guinness World Record on the largest serving of roast pork was held by Mexico where they served 3,094.2 kilos of cochinita pibil, a popular roast pork dish in its Yucatan region.  Calata Corporation topped the record by serving 4,046 kilos of the country’s well-loved version of roast pork – the lechon.
Lechon chopping area

Mountain of lechon with over 4,046 kilos ready for distirbution

Calata Corp. serves lechon by the plate to people who are in line

“This year, we celebrated our 16 successful years in the business by giving back to the community instead of having a lavish party. This is a very momentous occasion for the Philippines, to break the Guinness World Record for the ‘Largest serving of lechon’,” shared Joseph Calata, Chairman and CEO of Calata Corporation.

president of Lydia's Lechon, Guinness World of Records adjudicator, Calata CEO and officers of Calata

Calata Corporation is the largest retailer and distributor of top agrochemical brands, feeds, fertilizers, veterinary medicines and seeds throughout the country. Calata Corporation also owns and operates a chain of retail stores named AGRI, the largest retailer of the country’s choice brands such as AGRI Crop Protection, Heisenberg veterinary medicines, Thomson and Hine, as well as Ivansmith agrochemicals.

Guinness World of Records adjudicator officially awards the plaque of recognition for the Philippines

Calata Corporation’s “Lechon Party” reflects how much the company values achievement, success, gratitude and kinship.  Indeed, it’s a great way to kick off the holiday season by sharing their blessings with the less privileged and gathering family and friends.

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