Wednesday, October 14

FOODGASM: Maginhawa food trip and more

Foodgasm: Your gateway to tummy happiness and epic food trip in QC

We can’t deny that we Filipinos have developed an affinity with food especially with yummy food. We are always surrounded with food in ALL occasions and even in simple gatherings among family and friends. A trip to the mall means food. An intimate chitchat means food. Chill time with friends would definitely means food- again! This is how we associate good times with food since universally food is one of the simplest pleasures that we can all crave.

But what is Foodgasm? Acoording to Urban Dictionary website foodgasm is a pleasurable sensation that occurs when eating delcious food. So in other words it is food+orgasm= foodgasm. No need to further explain that.

The U.P. Economics Society of University of the Philippines takes the foodgasm phenomenal into a whole new level. Imagine placing a foodie event at the famous Maginhawa Street in Teachers Village Q.C. where foodies from around the metro converge for some food tripping. Then placing a bazaar where one could find interesting items. Organizing food booths where yummy dishes are highlighted. They even prepared food competition via the Food Tasting segment for serious foodies (like me-I’ll be judging) and eating challenge for big eaters. Not only that, come night time LIVE performers will create a good vibe with some booze along Maginhawa where everyone is treated to good entertainment. Talking about the total sensory experience! That’s how cool the UP eco society is. Hooray!

The Foodgasm Goes to Maginhawa aims to provide a venue where all good things could converge for people to enjoy. There is NO ENTRANCE FEE for this morning to sundown affair unless of course you want to join the eating contest or the food tasting. These guys exactly know how to rev-up such an epic gastronomical event.

See you all and let’s celebrate good food and fun moments together at the Foodgasm Goes to Maginhawa event this October 17!

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