Sunday, October 11

Essilor’s Varilux S Series: Innovation for unlimited vision

Created from the latest advances in optics and in-depth understanding of human physiology, Essilor introduces Varilux S series, the first progressive lens to offer wearers both balance in motion and wide-angle vision. The Varilux S series is a revolutionary approach to breaking the usual compromise between a large scale of vision and the loss of balance sensation known as “swim effect” that lens wearers were faced with in the past. This breakthrough innovation allows lens wearers to enjoy unlimited vision.

“As our society is in a constant state of change, advanced technologies and new electronic devices are leading to a faster pace of life for individuals and thus, a set of new visual needs. The Varilux S series equip active consumers with the optic technology to live life in today’s modern world to its fullest,” says Dr. Emelita Roleda Essilor Philippines general manager.

Essilor uses revolutionary technologies which made the Varilux S series innovation possible — Nanoptix and SynchronEyes. Nanoptix is a breakthrough in lens technology that virtually eliminates the off-balance feeling often experienced by progressive lens wearers.

SynchronEyes is a revolution in physiological science. Through this technology, progressive lens wearers don’t need to constantly move their head to target what they see – images remain clear from edge to edge.

Presbyopia: an underestimated vision condition in a modern world

The Varilux S Series was specifically created for active consumers who live with presbyopia, a natural change in vision linked to the loss of flexibility in the crystalline lens experienced between the ages of 40 and 50, and characterized by difficulties in seeing things up close.

While the characteristics of presbyopia are known among consumers, it symptoms may be underestimated. Nearly 6 out of 10 people said they have difficulties seeing or reading something at 20 or 40cm distance, but significantly lower numbers of people described themselves as presbyope.

Presbyopes satisfied with Varilux S Series

Like all Varilux lenses, the new Varilux S series is the result of Essilor’s unique and rigorous R&D program ‘Live Optics’ which delivers the highest levels of performance. Test wearers around the world highlighted the excellence of the Varilux S series and ranked it No.1—on every lens’ features, in motion and when surroundings move, and for quality and fields of vision.

“Essilor has long been a leader in providing lenses with unequalled visual performance. We are proud that the innovative new Varilux S series will provide consumers with vision without limits in their daily lives. For Filipinos who wear, or who are in need of progressive lenses, the groundbreaking Varilux S series technology helps provide better vision, both near and far, off- and online,” Dr. Roleda added.

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