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5 Dog Care Tips for Healthy Skin and Coat

What Pinoy dog owners should know about proper skin care

Not known to many Pinoy dog owners that the condition of their dog’s skin and fur tells a lot about the general health status of their beloved pet. To better understand this you must learn that your pet’s skin and fur have specifics functions. 

The most important function of your dog’s fur and skin is to provide protection from harsh elements. It will block viruses and bacteria from entering your pet’s bodily system. Not only that the dog’s fur and skin can block harmful pathogens, it can also prevent moisture and heat from leaving the body. 

You may want to lovingly touch or caress your dog’s fur but be reminded that it acts as insulation from elements (weather, humidity, etc.) and also function as a cushion or barrier against injuries protecting the skin and body organs, This is why taking proper care of furbabies’ coat and skin is very important which all pinoy dog lovers should take into consideration.

Here are some tips that will help you keep your dog’s skin and fur healthy:

  • TIP 1- Provide a complete and high quality balanced diet through highly nutritious dog food. This will ensure that your beloved pooch will receive the best nutrition that will maintain a healthy skin and fur. You may not know this but your dog’s fur consist mostly of protein which should be supplemented through proper nutrition from best dog foods that contain sufficient amounts of proteins and amino acid.

  • TIP 2- Use organic dog shampoos. Dogs need bath every now and then but are you sure you are using the right dog shampoo or still using human shampoo? Its plain simple, we humans have different skin pH levels that is why, you should never use your shampoo or any other cleaning products on your dog. Shampoos for humans and other cleansing agents will strip off moisture and natural oils which could compromise dog’s skin condition. It is best to look for an organic shampoo like Saint Roche. Saint Roche PREMIUM Organic Dog Shampoo is uniquely formulated with the highest grade of herbal oil extracts to provide the most effective dog shampoo that you could use without the side-effects of harmful chemicals.

  • TIP 3- Groom your beloved pooch regularly. Grooming through brushing can stimulate the production and distribution of natural oils present in your dog’s skin. This will keep your pet’s fur shiny and healthy while preventing mats (densely tangled clumps of fur). Use only brushes or grooming glove designed for dogs to prevent irritation and fur pulling.

  • TIP 4- Bathe your pet dog only when needed. It is not a common knowledge that excessive bathing of pet dogs can affect the overall skin condition. Too much bathing for your dog will make skin dry and irritated which can make it more prone to infections and skin ailments.  In some cases, where dogs have greasy skin or develop body odor bathing frequently when only needed is fine. Some pet lovers keep their beloved pets by their side on their bed when sleeping and who would want to sleep beside a stinky dog. When bathing, it is best to use an organic shampoo that will condition and at the same time provide gentle cleansing action on your dog’s skin and fur.

  • TIP 5- Check your dog’s fur and skin regularly. Aside from brushing, carefully checking your pet dog’s skin and fur is necessary in determining if there are pests, parasites or foreign objects tucked somewhere its coat. Constant scratching and bad spots can indicate presence of ticks, fleas or insects which can cause allergic reactions and life threatening diseases.

Having a dog with healthy skin and fur is a good indication that your pet is in good condition. The constant grooming and bathing not only is very soothing to your four legged best friend but it is also beneficial in creating a strong emotional bond with your dog.

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