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Serena Williams loses to an underdog- Vinci moving forward to US Open finals

No grand slam for Serena- its viva Italia time at the US Open 2015 championship!

US Open women’s semifinals results 2-6 6-4 6-4

What are the odds that an underdog and a player who ranks number 43 could beat Serena Williams? According to the statistics given by tennis experts, the odds are 300 to 1. 

The semi-finals of the US Open in Flushing Meadows New York City just concluded and for the record Roberta Vinci of Italy won the match.
Italian player Roberta Vinci facial expression right after winning the US Open semifinals against Serena Williams.
Image by Chang W. Lee/The New York Times
Commentators even speculated that the match will finish in less than 20 minutes. But out of nowhere Vinci at age 32 has proven them wrong. 

The 2-hour grueling game has made Serena very emotional that she even threw her tennis racquet away with shouting bouts that obviously expressed her frustration and disbelief. While on the other side of the court spectators witnessed the laughter and joy painted all over Vinci’s face. She truly enjoyed this match while playing hard.

Right after the semi-finals match Serena hurried back to the dugout while Vinci remain seated and still in shock when it was announced that she won the game. 
Serena Williams in an awkward position trying hard to hit the ball. 
Image by Chang W. Lee/The New York Times
In an interview after the match Roberta Vinci was asked if she has any foresight that she could win the game the humble Italian tennis player replied back by saying “No…”. Roberta Vinci shared that she have 3 things on her mind- get the ball on the court, run and just don’t think that Serena is on the other side of the court. Her formula truly worked and now on her way to the women’s US Open Finals tomorrow. 

Another history is bound to happen at the US Open finals for the women- it’s going to be an Italian player versus another Italian. 

Watch out for the final match Roberta Vinci versus Flavia Pennetta battling out in the Flushing Meadows in New York on Saturday. Viva ITALIA!

Watch the US Open men’s semi-finals and the women’s Italy versus Italy finals tomorrow LIVE at BALLS TV channel 36 on Sky Cable.

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