Wednesday, September 16

1 Reason Zuckerberg is Adding a Dislike Button for Facebook

Dislike button for Facebook- really?

Whether you “like” or “dislike” this idea the chances of having a facebook dislike button comes from nil to a definite yes.

Finally after careful considerations Facebook head honcho Mark Zuckerberg announced last Tuesday-September 15 during the FB company’s question and answer portion that the most popular social media outlet is now in the course of developing the much requested dislike button for facebook.

For several years Facebook users have been clamoring for a dislike button that will represent what they feel particularly on a facebook status post.

For many, a dislike button on facebook would allow them to show dismay, disappointment or disapproval on certain subjects that they see on their newsfeed or on other pages. This could be good or bad for Facebook users.

Why Facebook will add a dislike button?

Zuckerberg clearly stated that the facebook dislike button is for sad posts.  It’s for the users who would want to express empathy, sympathy or concern over negative and sad everyday life events such as deaths, calamities or life crises. 

Zuckerberg said last Tuesday "What they really want is the ability to express empathy," and "Not every moment is a good moment."

Facebook was very honest in admitting that the company previously disapproved the idea of having a dislike facebook button for the main reason that they did not intend to suggest any negative reactions.

He also added this statement "It’s surprisingly complicated to make an interaction that will be simple".

At the moment, the Facebook dislike button is on its developmental stage and will soon be part of users’ everyday Facebook experience. But, Zuckerberg reminded that Facebook will no way pattern the dislike FB button after Reddit, which connotes a voting system for users to vote content up or down. "That isn’t what we’re here to build in the world," as the Facebook CEO told the media. 

My personal take on this-

I don’t think Facebook should have a dislike button since it’s very clear that I will not hit the like button if I feel there is no need for it. And if I feel strongly about something- like a negative or a sad post I have no qualms of expressing my genuine thoughts on it by commenting. 

The Facebook dislike button in my opinion would stir-up confusion and even create negative vibes among friends, families and acquaintances. 
The soon-to-launch facebook dislike button could only cause miscommunications and misconceptions if people would just click on it without thoroughly thinking about the idea behind the post since we are guilty sometimes of just clicking without thinking- am I right?

I firmly believe if the dislike facebook button is placed on each post then something terrible might happen. Instead of supporting Zuckerberg’s idea of “empathy” it could only destroy relationships and be an instrument of cyberbullying. I DISLIKE the DISLIKE FB button!

Do you dislike or like the facebook dislike button? Comment your thoughts on this.

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