Thursday, September 10

CHICKILICIOUS: Taiwan’s Famous Chicken Steak and Tea Shop is Now in Manila


Chickilicious, a popular Chicken Steak and Tea Shop in Taiwan will open its first branch in the country on September 13. Chickilicious is considered as the number one Chicken Steak and Tea Shop in Taiwan. 

Chickilicious is located at The Strip, of Sea Residences at Sun Drive near Mall of Asia in Pasay.

Primarily, they offer their ULTRA BIG (ALMOST AS BIG AS A PLATE, can you imagine that?) and sinfully flavorful Taiwanese chicken. They boast of using meticulously picked fresh ingredients, from their chicken to the teas they serve.

They have an interesting variety of fried chicken steak which you are sure to enjoy, especially if you are an adventurous foodie. Their list of Special flavored chickens include Choco Demon Chickilicious, Pizza Chickilious, Taiwanese BBQ Chickilicious and Takoyaki Chickilicious.

You can also choose from their menu of special powder flavoring for your chicken, namely Basil Salt, Provence, Plum, Seaweed, Black and White Pepper, Curry Pepper, Chilies, Lime Pepper and Cheese. 

Chickilicious also has a lineup of unique snacks to choose from. To name a few, they have Baked Cheese French Fries, Crispy Century Egg, Crispy Squid, Sweet Honey Bun, Sweet Potato Fries, Taiwan’s Green Beans and Taiwan Sweet Cake. Now, ain't that exciting?

For their teas, you may want to try their Taiwan Jasmine Green Tea, Taiwan Black Tea, and Alishan Oolong Tea. For figure-­conscious people, rejoice! They have their own blend of slimming tea! They also have juices. You should try their mouth-­watering Passion Fruit Juice, Wintermelon, Plum, Lychee and Ultra Lemon Juice.

Their SUPER BIG fried chicken steak prices start at 110 Php. For the side orders, you can have one at 50 Php. And your drink is also gigantic, almost a liter, for a minimum of 70 Php. Now that's a steal!

Chickilicious aims to be a hip, popular hang-­out venue for yuppies and even for families looking for a new place to dine out. It promises to satisfy your chicken cravings and more! Join the Thumbs Up Movement!

Take your picture inside this chicken steak and tea shop and post it online, pose with your Thumbs Up and spread the ChickiLIKEcious Mania! Try this one out and you will not regret it. Eat fresh! Drink fresh!

Learn more about CHICKILICIOUS and get regular updates by liking Chickilicious Philippines on Facebook now!

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