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5 Common Dog Myths of Pinoy Dog Owners

Busting common Pinoy myths about dogs

In this digital age there are still many Pinoy dog lovers who believe in folklores, legends and myths. This is because Pinoys have this mentality of adopting ideas heard from other people. Even when it comes to dog care and ownership, many would still adhere to false beliefs or lies without logical reasoning.

In this article you will find out the truth behind misleading common dog myths or false ideas that every Pinoy dog owners should learn.


Using Joy dishwashing liquid or shampoos for human such as Pantene or Vaseline is best for keeping dog’s fur clean and shiny.

FACT- Using household cleaning items such as dishwashing liquid or human shampoos and soaps can irritate the skin of your beloved pet dog. These items are designed for a specific purpose and are not recommended to use on pets. The fact is these common household items do not contain the right Ph balance  levels ranging from 8-11, while the dog’s skin and coat ranges from 6.5-7.0. Look for dog shampoo that’s Ph balanced. One good example is Saint Roche Premium Organic Dog Shampoo which gave us a Ph levels of 6.5-7.0. 

These common household cleaning items was specifically designed to remove oil and “sebo” and this will strip all of your dogs natural oils. It’s best to use organic shampoo in order to maintain you dog’s skin and coat healthy and beautiful. 


Many still believe that the deadly disease called canine distemper means that the dog has a problem with its temper.

FACT-This one we hear very often, Distemper has nothing to do with dog’s temperament. Distemper does not mean your dog is hot headed. 

Distemper has nothing to do with dog’s temperament. It is a viral and highly contagious canine disease with no known cure. Common symptoms of distemper are high fever (39.7° C), red eyes and nose/eye watery discharge. Lethargy, vomiting and diarrhea will occur which eventually will affect the nervous system. If you think that your dog has distemper you MUST quickly visit a vet to seek medical help.


Dogs can endure the hot and humid Philippine climate and it is just okay to let them stay outdoors under the sun.

FACT- Dogs do not have the ability to produce sweat in order to cool down their body temperature unlike humans. The more a dog stays under the sun or in unshaded area the more heat gets trap under the fur causing elevated body temperature which could lead to deadly heatstroke and heat related illnesses. 

So next time you see your furbaby basking under the sun quickly get him indoors and provide cool drinking water. If you can sense that the heat has caused some discomfort for first-aid it is best to cool him down by directing a fan to your dog or by placing him inside an air-conditioned room. You must also place wet/cool towels over the back of the neck, armpits, and groin areas; wet earflaps and paws with cool water. Seek IMMEDIATE medical help and DO NOT pour cold water on your dog.


Feeding dogs table food or leftovers is alright.

FACT- Sad to say many Pinoy dog owners still serve table scraps or left over “ulam” and rice to their pets. The fact is that human foods are not suitable to fulfill the nutritional requirements of a pet dog that is why there are many commercially available dog food products that you can buy. Quality dog foods are scientifically formulated to meet the nutritional demands of a dog at any stage in life. They contain vitamins, minerals, fats and other nutrients that can support overall good health. 

If you are still feeding your beloved pet dog with the food you serve on your table better think again.  Feed dogs properly with quality dog food product to ensure healthy living and long life.


A howling dog signifies death or tragedy.

FACT- This could be the most popular urban legend belief or myth when it comes to dogs here in the Philippines. Oftentimes you will hear a neighbor complaining about a nearby dog that howls and will immediately tell you that there will be death soon or a tragic event will happen to that household where the dog lives. Sad to say that this fallacy stigmatized dogs in the Philippines in general that even in the city this belief is very much present.

The truth is there are several reasons why a dog howls. Howling for dogs is a means of communication where they express that they need attention or simply to announce their presence. It is very common that dogs would howl just by hearing high-pitch sounds like ambulance or a police siren. So next time you hear a dog howling don’t even think of it as an omen since you know the logical reasons for this.

MYTHS about DOGS BUSTED! There are a lot of beliefs and myths that we Filipinos take by heart even in the subject of dogs and pet care. Good thing that we are able to find out and learn the truths through facts for the benefit of our beloved family member- our precious dog.

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