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5 Things I Love About Reminisque Bistro in Tomas Morato

REMINISQUE BISTRO bringing back the music of the past with good food and more

1- Reminisque Bistro brings out my most cherished memories of my youth through good selection of music.

As a music lover and a person that belongs to the Gen-X era my passion for music ranges back to several decades ago. Reminisque Bistro in Tomas Morato has an extensive collection of good ole vinyl records dating back from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The playlist is perfect with moments to ponder about old forgotten love life- talk about Johnny Hates Jazz song Wish I could Turn Back the Clock or the cute song Simply Jessie by Rex Smith. In other words, Reminisque have the playlist of my youth or should I say my life. Of course they also got good New Wave sounds going on plus live entertainment. 

2- Reminisque Bistro has a good vibe and laidback chillax ambience.

Cozy bar

Spacious dining area

Function Room for private parties

There is no other way to reminisce than in a cozy place with homey feel. Perfectly lit to enhance my trip down memory lane with simple ’80 d├ęcor and furnishing which takes me back to the places I used to hang out. A lot of good bars and bistros were long gone and good thing to know I now have a place to go to for some fun retro night.

3- Reminisque Bistro offers good comfort food with all-time Filipino favorites and more. 

Another reason that I will be coming back again and again to Reminisque Bistro is their extensive menu. 
Kare-Kare home cooked style
From the old time classic favorites like Kare-kare to regional dishes like Kansi (a rare Ilonggo delicacy that straddles the fine line between bulalo and sinigang) which is one of the bestsellers. 

Beef Kansi

Sisig with Pita Bread

They also serve salads, meriendas, bar chows and amazing appetizers. Another point is that this retro bar and bistro in QC is a good place to treat family and friends for lunch, dinner and even merienda. I super love their food and the way they prepare it.

4- Reminisque Bistro has good location- strategically located in the heart of Quezon City.

Another thing I love about Reminisque Bistro is the proximity which will make me visit this place more often. Personally, the Tomas Morato area in QC is an ideal place to hang out. No need to travel far and spend hours in the traffic just to have a night out. Parking should not be a problem also since this 80’s bar is just a few meters away from the main road.

5- Night outs, chillaxing time, family feasts, get-togethers, celebrations or plain unwinding is relatively CHEAP in Reminisque Bistro. 

Pardon the use of ‘cheap’ in my description above but when I say cheap I mean super affordable food & drinks and got nothing to do with the classy cozy ambience or the superb sound system they got there. Just to give you an example an order of their Lechon Kawali is only Php265. and the house special Beef Bulalo Kansi is only Php345.- can you believe it? And servings are good for sharing- now beat that!

         -Time flies when you are having fun but when you are at Reminisque Bistro in QC you could definitely relive wonderful memories all over again at any time that you want to.

Me, having the time of my life- literally!
Better check them out and believe me that you’ll have a great time too. Experience Reminisque Bistro for yourself and enjoy the best 80’s music (including 70’s and 90’s plus live music entertainment) with the finest DJs spinning the vinyl and chow on some good food. Dancing is also allowed if you feel like it! 

Reminisque Bistro is at Scout Lozano Street corner Tomas Morato, Quezon City. The bistro is open daily for lunch up until the last call, which is usually at 2:00 am.

Call (02)4415302/0476182093 for inquiries and reservations.

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