Monday, November 20

Missing Facebook Ticker on Side Bar Solved for Chrome Browser on PC (updated)

Facebook nightmare- I was horrified to see my FB page without the ticker. This may sound trivial to some FB users but for me, I really need my fb ticker back. I do social media management and I rely heavily on the fb ticker wherein I can easily monitor the pages or accounts that I handle. 

Been dealing with my missing facebook ticker for almost a week now and it sucks! Been around searching for solution for the missing facebook ticker-there’s none on the web and joined FB help community related to missing ticker on facebook to find answers and I glad I did. 

After several days, a solution for the disappearing facebook ticker on sidebar is finally posted just a few moments ago. Credit goes to @JerbiAhmed- the specific link codes for Chrome came from him. I was hesitant to try this missing facebook ticker fix since I am not techie but how will know if it’s gonna work or not if I didn’t take a risk- right?

I took the risk, even if I am clueless about Java code and stuff. So I am sharing this with you since I already solve missing facebook ticker on the side bar.

I am excited to share this disappearing facebook ticker fix- without further ado- here it is:


1) Get Chrome Extension add it your browser open this link and install:

2) Run the newly installed extension on your Chrome taskbar    (Right click on runJS icon) the runJS icon will appear on the upper right hand corner of your window like this "</>"

3) Copy paste this code:


*This should appear when you activate the runJS extension. Then on the box copy the commands/codes above (exactly as it is) then hit SAVE.

4) Click SAVE

5) At this point if you can DRAG DOWN the chat bar but ticker is still empty, reduce the browser window to the minimum size (25%) so that chat side bar is almost gone.

6) You will still view a small portion of the side bar then at the bottom right, point cursor to "option" then choose "hide side bar".

7) Maximize window (mine at 75%)

8) At the chat box on the right corner click 'options' then click-untick “hide sidebar”.

9) At this point, you will be able to view on the facebook sidebar the area/portion for "Your Games" and below that "Recommended Games".

10) Finally, you can now DRAG the side bar divider to which portion or size you like. You can also hide "Your Games" and "Recommended Games" portions. You can now adjust the facebook side bar if you want to maximize or minimize it or increase the chat names and of course VIEW the TICKER for notifications.

This is how I exactly fix missing ticker on facebook side bar. Hope this would help you also.

(NOTE: When reloading FB page there's a tendency that the fb ticker on sidebar to disappear. All you have to do is hide the sidebar then unhide. I have to slide or drag down the side bar for the ticker to show up whenever I reload the FB page. Not sure if it’s my internet connection but at least I can view and see the ticker back on fb sidebar) I am so relieved! :)

How to check and activate the newly installed  runJS extension- you'll see this when you open the extension setting on Chrome

And this should be visible when opening the Chrome Extension tab.

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