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5 Reasons I Love Ramen Nagi Nuvali



I love ramen, in fact let me make a general statement- I love noodles and who doesn’t? Asians really have an affinity for ramen/noodles since it is a staple of the region and each Asian country has its own take on this soupy (or dry) dish. 

Ramen comes in all sorts of variety and color depending on the way it is prepared but did you know that Ramen did not originated in Japan? WHAT the F… (food)? Yes! 

Many thought that Ramen originated in Japan but contrary to the popular belief, ramen dish was of Chinese origin basing on the fact that the word ramen was a borrowed word from Chinese “lamian” but later adopted by the Japanese. 

No one knows exactly when or where ramen was first invented but one thing is for sure we all love a good ramen- it’s universal and good ramen is synonymous to Ramen Nagi.

Ramen Nagi Nuvali Now Open

Rejoice and do some cartwheels. Yipee- RAMEN NAGI NUVALI is finally open. Voted as Manila’s Favorite Ramen for 3 consecutive years 2015, 2016 including 2017 of course, goes to prove that Ramen Nagi is an undisputed favorite among Manila foodies.

Now people from the south need not go far to have the best ramen since ramen nagi nuvali is now open. Considering the beautiful landscape, the wide open spaces, fresh air and the revitalizing ambience- ramen nagi nuvali is a standout among other branches that I’ve been to.

5 Things I love about Ramen Nagi Nuvali

How do I love thee- let me count the ways…so cheesy but I fell hard for the best japanese ramen in the philippines but why?

Oyster King Ramen is only available on a limited time.

1. Amazing ambiance- whether you’ll opt to dine indoor or outdoor, ramen nagi nuvali restaurant ambiance is consistent in providing a memorable dining experience. Ramen Nagi Nuvali has a nice neighborhood too- quite classy and yet laid back.

2. Customization- Ramen Nagi provides you choices from the noodle texture, to spice level, soup base to ingredients. This is why ramen nagi nuvali is a favorite when it comes to good ramen.

Butao Ramen comes in a pork based tonkatsu soup

3. Quality food- one thing I love about ramen nagi nuvali is that the food they serve there is always consistent with the high standards serve from this awarded japanese restaurant. Noodles are always perfect. Ingredients are fresh. Cooking and prepping follow strict standards too thus providing us with yummy quality Japanese favorites. 

Black King Ramen

4.Food choices- Ramen Nagi is not only about noodles, you’ll find other tasty Japanese dishes on their menu too, which will go well with their ramen. Good thing that ramen nagi nuvali has a variety of food to offer for any individual taste.

Crispy Shrimps

Chicken Karaage


5.Condiments- I go gaga each time I am seated on Ramen Nagi’s customer’s table. There’s this certain urge that propels me to use all the condiments in front of me. They’re all there- from chili paste, chili flakes, minced garlic and my favorite the sesame seeds which is contained in a mini grinder. The latter triggers my reflex to crush those sesame seeds into tiny bits on top of my ramen. I am deeply into it- haha…that sometimes I tend to overdo it but anyway I love sesame in my food so I go ballistic with it. (turning the grinder with all my might-lol)

Would I recommend Ramen Nagi? Yes, definitely. As far as authentic ramen noodles are concern, I can say that Ramen Nagi Nuvali should be your best choice. Let's eat! 

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