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Salu The Filipino Kitchen: Showcases Pinoy Food and Culture

“Never be a food snob. Learn from everyone you meet; the fish guy at your market, the lady at the local diner, farmers, cheese makers. Ask questions, try everything and eat up!”
-Rachael Ray

With over 7,107 islands, the Philippines has a plethora of local dishes that highlights native ingredients, unique cooking techniques and exquisite flavors distinctive of each region in the country. The Philippines is currently gaining popularity among global food enthusiasts and gourmet adventurers which SALU, a newly opened restaurant in Quezon City seized the perfect opportunity to showcase the very best of Filipino cuisine from various regions around the archipelago. Catering to those you are craving for authentic Filipino dining experience. 

Salu's Main Pillars on photo with the best cuisines at the Filipino Kitchen- Allan Cordova, Managing Partner; Harlene Bautista, Owner; Romnick Sarmenta, Owner, and Chef Janjie Ocoma, Executive Chef also known as Lakwatserong Kusinero 
(L to R)

SALU: The Filipino Kitchen

Salu, The Filipino Kitchen is a newly opened restaurant that caters to people who yearn to sample the taste of authentic Filipino cuisine. Gourmands from around the world and even local folks can now savor authentic local dishes, cooked in the traditional way with fresh native ingredients satisfying all cravings for distinct dishes of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Salu is a Filipino Culinary Authority. We try to explore, experiment and make sure to serve plates that can’t be labeled anything other than tunay na Pinoy. We honor originality and give tribute to the story of each dish because that’s what makes it unique, that’s what makes it real Filipino”, said Chef Janjie Ocoma, also known as Lakwatserong Kusinero, the executive chef of the restaurant.

Video invite by Salu’s Owners- Harlene Bautista and Romnick Sarmenta

At SALU press launch/ VIP night (July 20, 2016) 

Harlene Bautista talks about Salu’s humble beginning and its advocacy

Parade of Salu’s staff 

Pinoy street foods such as fish ball, squid ball, kikiam, kalburong santol, hilaw na mannga with bagoong, cheese sticks and qwek-qwek are made available to set the phase for a full Filipino gastronomical journey at SALU.

Other Salu dishes-

Crispy Hito Sisig

The SALU and the Flavors of the Philippines

Salu and the people behind this authentic Filipino restaurant searched high and low to present and serve the best Filipino dishes of the regions for local and foreign patrons to indulge. Interesting facts and trivia are included on Salu menu which will engage diners with knowledge as they browse around the Philippines’ best tasting local dishes.

Popular entrees on Salu’s menu are “Insarabsab” and “Hardinera” from Quezon province in Luzon. The Visayas got something very delectable to offer at Salu restaurant and these are popular classic dishes such as “Balbacua” and “KBL” (or kadios, baboy and langka). A trip to Mindanao is not complete without savoring these unique Filipino dishes like “Tiyual Itum”- a signature black soup and “Beef Kulma”- an adaptation of a curry dish from this island.



“Tiyual Itum”

Salu got signature dishes that highlight Pinoy creativity and ingenuity in the kitchen. It is aptly called “Likhang Salu”- this is when Filipino on Filipino food fusion is born. On the Likhang Salu menu entrĂ©e the “Binagoongang Lechon Kare-Kare” and the “Pinalutong na Sisig Hito” which is an interesting healthier version of pork sisig, are Salu bestsellers.

PInalutong na Sisig Hito

Salu’s take on a native local favorite dish “Sinampalukan Manok” is reinvented to “Hinurnong Manok” which comes with interesting earthy and smoky taste of roasted chicken. Pork lovers will surely come back for more once they tasted another Salu’s original “Sinigang na Lechon”.

Visually pleasing and a sure winner to food connoisseurs with discriminating palate is Salu’s intriguing but elegantly beautiful “Salu Salad”. This fresh salad features vibrant edible flowers and greens with sweet and tangy vinaigrette that will tickle the taste buds.

SALU Salad

For a light and healthier starter, the Salu’s “Pakbet Soup” is just perfect. It highlights the original Ilocano Pakbet taste but comes in a broth that is soothing.

Bulalo Pares

Adobo Laing

Salu Filipino restaurant will make any dining experience fulfilling and what way to end a gastronomical journey is to cap it off with good delectable desserts that we Pinoy called “panghimagas”. The “Brazo de Kalabasa” is a unique sweet creation that highlights a local vegetable called ‘kalabasa’ or squash in a chewy meringue soft cake which is now a Salu house favorite. 

Brazo De Kalabasa

Mayon (chocolate lava cake with a surprising filling)

Durian Cheesecake

For those who crave good chocolate the latest Salu concoction the “Mayon” is a sumptuous molten lava choco cake. What is surprising about this unique dessert is the discernible salty surprise inside as part of its rich chocolate filling. Tip for those who would want to try Salu Mayon is to request it to your waiter since this is not part of the regular menu. Dessert lovers will surely delight with every bite of Salu’s desserts.

SALU restaurant ambiance takes you to Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao

Elegant main entrance door made from antique capiz with colorful wooden drawers as accent decor- the design is rustic and yet modern

Salu owners and showbiz couple Harlene Bautista and Romnick Sarmienta envisioned a Filipino restaurant that can provide a complete Salu experience. Their passion to bring the best Filipino dishes from various regions around the Philippines propelled them to design a dining area that will showcase the main 3 islands of the Philippines. Salu restaurant is divided into 3 sections representing Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Each section is exquisitely decorated with appropriate theme transporting Salu diners to these 3 main islands.

Exterior facade of Salu
You can never miss Salu restaurant since the entire building resembles an old house with a proud display of the Philippine flag 

Creative way of decorating doorways- At the entrance of Salu

Beautifully designed entrance/doorway of Salu

SALU signboard proudly stands along Scout Torillo street

With a spacious dining area, Salu owners Harlene and Romnick were thoughtful enough to think about the kiddie diners with a Filipino theme children’s corner. Kids can have a fun time while parents can focus on their Salu dining experience. This is how Salu takes care of their patrons by genuinely offering the warm hospitality of the Filipinos.

neutral tones in shades of beige and brown adorn the entire dining area

The Salu bar area is a cozy corner amidst the gray brick wall

We want the whole restaurant to feel casual and homey. When you enter a Filipino home there’s always a feeling of warmth and happiness, that’s our basic model for Salu. At the same time we want the guests’ minds and palates to travel para busog ang tiyan at mata, thus the native and locally inspired accents and details unique to each section. You can practically do your selfies everywhere”, said Mr. Allan Cordova, Managing Partner of Salu.

An open kitchen concept ensures guests that food is serve with utmost consideration for quality

Within Salu restaurant are Tribute Walls on each 3 main sections depicting the hardworking local farmers, fishermen and craftsmen as the real heroes of our nation. Salu recognizes their passion and dedication in providing us with our nutritional needs via food on our table. To fully integrate the local folks into the social bloodstream of the local food industry, Salu designed Advocacy Programs that will provide much needed support.

Loving and appreciating our Filipino culture and food over and over again is what Salu is all about!

Yes, we can say that we already tasted Pinoy dishes in many restaurants around the metro but no one dared provide diners with a total Pinoy dining experience than SALU!

Salu Filipino restaurant allows guests to immerse in culture and genuine Filipino feast providing a deeper layer of dining experience and appreciation to what is uniquely Pinoy.

It is always a pleasure to take pride in our Filipino culture by indulging in genuine Pinoy feast only through SALU!

You can visit and dine the Filipino way at SALU The Filipino Kitchen located at #26B Sct. Fernandez Cor. Sct. Torillo, Bgy. Sacred Heart Quezon City. Go ahead and like/follow SALU on Facebook for updates where you are welcome to make reservations or inquiry. Call them at this number 921-2448. 

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