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Bella La Peau: Don’t Shave Just Wax for Your Beauty’s Sake!

Hey Bellas! Let’s talk about body hair- those pesky wiry, coarse, thick and sometimes itchy hair growths the we see and feel on our body. 

Yes, I had my shares of body hair woes and the most problematic for me are my ‘woman mustache’ (although it is almost invisible), armpit hairs and those wiry bushy hairs on my erogenous zone. You ladies know what I am talking about.

Bummer! Fans will freak out seeing top model Tyra Banks with obvious ‘lady’ mustache. As for those who knew me, I love doing selfies- and this is why I have to wax my upper lip for that perfect selfie look sans the shadowing appearance of a girly mustache (Nah, it’s just me- so let me be..haha)

I’ve tried all sorts of means to get rid of unwanted hair- from plucking which was very stressful and will require a steady hand and eye coordination, to hair removal cream- that only irritates my skin and lastly shaving which in my honest opinion is a terrible way of getting rid of unwanted body hair but that all changed when I started waxing. 

After gathering strength and courage since I heard some horror stories about hot waxes and the like, I had my first waxing done some two years ago. And I tell you- it feels much better under the hands of a waxing expert with good results than any other hair removal processes that I’ve tried in the past. Though I admit, I still have a ‘controlled’ negative reaction (like almost slapping the staff) each time hair is being pulled without me knowing it (yeah, they will not tell you when) but I managed to keep it at a minimum level.

Yes, we can’t deny that society and media have implanted what we women should look like but this should never be a gauge when it comes to our self-confidence after all it’s our body and appearance and whatever feels comfortable for us then by all means go ahead with your instincts.

Choose your style! As for me I prefer to leave a little hair down there for a more natural lady look and feel- so I’ll go with the full bikini wax.

I personally don’t have qualms having little hair on my legs (I never did anything to get rid of my leg hair) or in my bikini area since it does not cause me any discomfort but when push comes to shovel I occasionally succumbed to the power of waxing and put some shape down there when a moment calls for it- wink, wink. Anyway, all I can say is that when you have to get rid of unwanted body hair do it the right way- just WAX it!

Shaving versus Waxing
Skin feels irritated
Skin is much softer
Removes hair from surface only
Removes hair from the root
Hair grows back in a day
Hair grows back in 3 weeks
Coarse regrowth
Lighter and finer hair regrowth
Done every 2  days
Done every 3 -4 weeks
Skin discoloration
No discoloration
Prone to nicks, cuts and razor burns
no nicks and cuts

Do It the French Way!

Bella La Peau: Affordable and Gentle Way of Getting Rid of Unwanted Body Hair

France, the romance capital of the world and the embodiment of timeless beauty brings to the country a technology of painless and hairless prowess.

Make way for Bella La Peau, a professional hair waxing salon that’s committed to bringing value for money and soothing services.

Bella La Peau directly translates to “beautiful skin”, hence, one will expect a salon that is dedicated to transforming the image of your skin to near perfection, soft to the eyes and touch.

Belle La Peau uses an exclusive Non – Strip Wax XXX from Singapore and is the sole Philippine franchisee of Wax XXX Academy which trains and equips their treatment professionals at an International level.

Belle La Peau Non-Strip waxes are made out of Pine Tree that are known to be rich in Vitamin A, hence, it helps prevent oxidation stress on your skin which explains the painless treatment with flawless result. 

Belle La Peau waxes are warm, clay-type that are non-water based and are less susceptible to infections. 

Belle La Peau has 4 different wax types that perfectly match hair type- resulting to perfect waxing all the time.

  • La Parfait Cire Bleau (Perfect Blue)- utilizes a strong polymer formulation that allows flexibility and is suitable for long course hair such as hair in your legs, arms, body and pubic area.

  • La Parfait Cire Rose (Perfect Pink)- a wax formulated from Titanium Dioxide which is a non-irritant formula that enhances skin’s natural protection and is suitable for Ingrown hair and for recently shaven hair.

  • La Parfait Cire Parfum (Perfect Scent-Orange)- a soothing aromatherapy was perfect for those who regularly wax and it effectively removes soft, short hairs such as in the face and nostrils.

  • La Parfait Core de RIz (Rice Wax – Green)- a wax formulated with rice from Japan that uses a low temperature suitable for long fine hair.

Belle La Peau has several branches nationwide, visit their website:  and like their FB page:

Instagram and Twitter: @BELLELAPEAU to know more about their exciting promo with amazingly affordable prices.

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