Thursday, July 28

How I Make Worklife Easier

Work! Work! Work! These are the lyrics in Rihanna’s popular song that has been a favorite among workaholics. People need to work because they need to live and this reality is something we cannot deny. We ALL need work and have a means of living that even the wealthiest of people are also inclined to work and build-up their careers. 

Some say that in order to enjoy work is to not categorize work as work per se since this thinking will only drag us down the path of boredom and weariness. And it is also said, that if we love what we are doing we can say that we are not working at all since we are enjoying our job. This is also true but in reality whether we love or hate our job we all tend to get tired and stressed out at the end of a hectic work day. Am I making sense? 

The trick here is to find ways to make worklife easier and I would like to share some tips which I am incorporating to my own work lifestyle and it seems it is doing well for me.

Tips on how to make worklife easier:

TIP number 1: Plan, organize, prioritize and act accordingly. It is always best to devise a work plan for everyday work load instead of going around in circles and try finishing everything that you desire to work on. If you don’t organize and plan well on how your day will go by, definitely you will get lost somewhere by multitasking but not able to deliver. Prioritize the task you need to accomplish within the day by making a note or list of what needs to be done immediately. By means of identifying and sorting out tasks, you will be able to work systematically. Don’t look for miracles but get that dusty sticky notepad (use it for heaven’s sake) and list your work priorities for that day. You will be amazed with the result when you plan, organize and prioritize things ahead. Plus, it will give you a visual cue of what you accomplished for that day. Now, give yourself a pat in the back!

TIP number 2: Focus not hocus pocus! Whether you have a short attention span or struggling to work on many things at the same time, no matter what desire you have in your mind to accomplish things if you do not focus it is useless to daydream about making things happen. Once you already got your list as mentioned above, you should master the art of focusing not only your attention but your energy on just one task at a time. This is one of the trick that allows me to get things done one task at a time and beside if you are fixated on your task you will be able accomplish more.

TIP number 3: Be prepared- get your mind and body in tiptop shape. Yes, it is very important that you have sound body and mind to keep you in perfect synch with the tasks you need to accomplish for the day. What good is planning and desiring to do much if you cannot think straight and not feeling well. Good thing we could all rely on getting the best supplement to boost our immune system and this is through “Subok Na!” FERN-C vitamin C that will keep us going throughout the day. “Worklife ay Easy with FERN-C!” and this statement is really true. I’ve been taking it for years now and I tell you there will be no downtime when it comes to working easy with Fern-C.

TIP number 4: Take time to smell the roses! What good is work if you cannot relish all your hard work? As the old adage goes “all work with no play is not good for the soul” and this should be your mantra too. In my case, I allow myself to indulge a bit depending on the workload or the success I reaped after a task. I get to shop a bit for things I like (but be sure not to over spend please..) or simply enjoy a good meal somewhere- these simple pleasures make my worklife easier. And sometimes for big ticket self-reward I travel and it feels good to realize the fruits of hard labor.  

BUT why choose FERN-C? (great question)

Fern-C is a vitamin C supplement and the very first non-acidic Vitamin C in the Philippines and the only Quali-C Vitamin C made from Europe, ensuring us all that we are only taking the best vitamin c available to us.

  •  Fern-C has the highest quality formulation of vitamin c that we all need to boost our immune system thus keeping our body protected from many diseases. It will help us fight infections while keeping the body healthy inside and out. Once a day will be good for maintenance but on days that you feel like you are about to catch a cold take at least 2 capsules a day. Good thing you will never have to worry about overdosing on this.

  • Fern-C will not upset your stomach. I used to take regular vitamin c tablets and hated it since it easily upsets my sensitive tummy. But my mom insisted on taking Fern-C which I happily obliged many years ago and since then never felt better with NO occurrence of acid-build up in my tummy (no hapdi sa tiyan moment-ever). This is good news for those who are susceptible to ulcers or acid reflux since Fern-C is non acidic people with sensitive tummy can reap the benefits of a good vitamin c supplement without worrying of tummy discomforts. Fern-C is safe to take even on an empty stomach. Wow! Just perfect for busy people working and on the go.

  • Fern-C is the most practical way to get your daily dose of vitamin C. Fern-C now is the number one choice and is easily available everywhere. Unlike years ago, when I have to order my stash from my mom (she is a Fern-C dealer member) now I could go buy it virtually in all pharmacies, groceries and stores. Aside its availability, Fern-C is highly affordable at more or less 7.50 pesos for each capsule. Just imagine that you get good health for just a small price. Fern-C capsule comes in an easily to swallow size too that I also give to my kiddos at home. 

Worklife ay Easy with FERN-C! So start loving your job and live life to the fullest boys and girls! 
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