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VITA CUBES: The Healthy Candies for Kids

Vita Cubes Fun Day at Fun Ranch

Is there such thing as healthy candies for kids? Some mommies would have raised eyebrows by now but the thing is Rebisco Corporation has come up with something sweet but really good for the kids.

I admit I’ve been munching on Vita Cubes for years now-it’s really good!

VITA CUBES candies by Rebisco are gummy candies that come in delightful fruity flavors but packed with vitamins and minerals essential for growing and active children. Isn’t it great? Now we don’t have to feel guilty when giving candies to our kids since we are sure that vitacubes vitamin candies are loaded with health giving vitamins plus minerals.

The venue where happiness and good candy eating begins

Mommy bloggers and kids trooped the Fun Ranch in Ortigas last Sunday to celebrate the yummy goodness of VitaCubes candies. Rebisco made this day fun and memorable with loads of fun games, magic show, food and of course lots of Vitacubes candies enjoyed by both mommies and kids.

Stage being set-up for an exciting Vita Cubes Fun Day party

Vita Cubes the healthy candy for kids

Vita cubes are fruit flavored yummy jelly candies that come in a cube shape. High in vitamins and minerals content that supports the nutritional needs of children especially on the growing-up years. Comes in kid-favorite fruity flavors in grapes, strawberry, apple, orange and mango which makes munching candies sweet and yet healthy kids everywhere will make a healthy switch from the usually sweet and unhealthy candies to yummy vitacubes. 

Vita Cubes are available in a pouch pack and individually wrapped candy now selling in supermarkets, groceries and sari-sari stores nationwide.

Vita Cubes candies fortified with vitamins and minerals

We cannot deny the fact that most kids love to eat candies. This is probably due to the sugar content that can instantly boost their energy levels for more active play time. But what makes vita cubes candies extra special is the fact that probably this is the only candy loaded with vitamins and minerals such as:  (per recommended serving)

Vitamin C- contains enough Vitamin C that can supply the body with 30% RENI or Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intakes which will benefit children. As we all know Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that can also support teeth and gum health. It can also help in repairing and forming red blood cells, tissues and bones. With kids prone to bruising and wounds, Vitamin C can help repair skin tissue while keeping infection at bay. Another good reason to munch vitacubes is the fact that it helps in iron absorption.

Vitamin A- vitacubes candies have high Vitamin A content of about 40% RENI which strengthens the immune system of children. It can support healthy bone development and provides nutrients for healthier eyes.

Vitamin E- considered as a potent antioxidant Vitamin E is very much present in vitacubes candies. With about 45% RENI, each serving of vitacubes can help boost the immune system while increasing resistance to infections. Vitamin E works on a cellular level supporting many bodily functions.

Vitamin B- with about 30 to 70% RENI vita cubes candies will help support brain health which can improve learning abilities and memory. Vitamin B can also facilitate improved oxygen circulation in the body particularly in the brain area for enhanced mind power and concentration. It can also help in the conversion of fats and carbohydrates into energy.

Lysine- Vita cubes supply the body with about 70% RENI of Lysine that can help in children’s growth and development. It can also improve calcium absorption in the body.

Zinc- contains 70% RENI vitacubes candies can support healthy immune and digestive systems. Zinc helps in the metabolic process of energy and facilitates quick healing of wounds.

More photos of the event-
Mac and Vita Cubes- a perfect match!

Mac having fun at Fun Ranch with enough energy for active playing all from Vita Cubes healthy candies

Draw a face- Fun game time with mommy bloggers and their kids

Magic! Kids are watching attentively

Happy kids dancing on the stage- best dancer wins

Talking about the healthy goodness of Vita Cubes

With all the goodness that VITACUBES candies have every kid can now enjoy his candy in a healthy way. So the next time you buy candies for your kids make sure it’s VITACUBES and give them the candy that supports good health. 

Vita Cubes Yummy has never been this healthy. Healthy has never been this yummy!

Me and Mac- tired but very happy. Thanks VITA CUBES!

Vita Cubes candies galore- thank you Rebisco
Vita Cubes candies are sold at only Php12.00 per pack and Php1.00 for singles. Be sure to stock-up on VITA CUBES for your kids to constantly supply them with much needed vitamins and minerals everyday.

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