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Jardine Home Pest Solutions: effective and safe pesticides for home

Keep your home safe and pest-free with quality pest control products from Jardine Distribution Inc.
Dealing with pests at home can be a daunting task to anyone assigned to take care of pest problems at home. Picky buyers of home pesticides would make certain considerations such as product safety, scent, effectiveness and affordability. With this in mind, Jardine Distribution Inc. a leading home and agricultural pesticides product international manufacturer has come up with a perfect solution for homes when it comes to dealing with pesky pests.

Ms. Peachy Tiu- Marketing Manager for Jardine Distribution talks about the advance technology behind each quality home pest solution product

Question and answer portion for mommy bloggers

Last August 13, 2015 selected mommy bloggers including me were invited by Jardine Distribution Inc. through Mommy Bloggers Philippines as they presented effective pest control products for home in an intimate lunch at Kimpura in Trinoma QC. This event aims to educate and inform mommies and the general public about the best pesticide products for home use. We all came to realize that there are safer and very effective home pesticides that the Filipino families can use.

ZAP AK Multi-insect Killer keeps your home safe from disease carrying insects

ZAP multi-insect killer is the best solution to effectively eradicate mosquitoes and common flying insects at home. With its advanced formula- “AK” which stands for all knockout this multi-insect spray can instantly kill insects including the dreaded dengue carrying Aedes aegypti. ZAP’s active ingredients come from a reputable supplier Sumitomo Chemical Co. ensures effective control of insects and dengue mosquitoes. Zap AK is much better than popular multi-insect sprays since it is formulated with specific key ingredients that quickly targets mosquitoes, cockroaches and flies and leave it dead on the spot without the irritating odor.

Optigard Ant Bait (gel type) is your perfect solution to eradicate pesky ants in your home

Ants can be your worst nightmare in your kitchen, pantry, sink and dining table. For the reason that they come in a group of hundreds or more and they are very tough to control which can be an annoying problem to homes. Ants are highly intelligent tiny creatures and an army of ants can wreak havoc in your home munching on tiny crumbs of food or even devour an entire pack of your favorite sweets. It is because ants have superior odor sensing ability that they use to hunt for food. 

Probably you had seen one tiny ant roaming around your kitchen top without realizing that this miniscule pest can easily communicate to the entire colony about its latest food discovery in your kitchen. Then later on you’ll discover a huge number of ants parading around your kitchen which can be a huge concern knowing that these ants are capable of destroying your food supplies and not to mention that you and your family can suffer painful ant bites.

Good thing that Jardine Distribution has come up with a perfect ant solution for your home called Optigard Ant Bait. This innovative ant killer comes in a small syringe type of tube and formulated with potent concoction that attracts and kills ants including the queen.

It is so easy to use with just one application provides up to 3 months ant control protection for your home. The easy to use syringe is very practical and can be applied to cracks and crannies on cabinets, cupboards, tables and tiles. The gel type consistency of Optigard for ants are irresistible and yet powerful to kill an entire colony of ants.

Klerat Rat and Mice Killer will keep your family and home protected from rodents

Most people are easily grossed out just by seeing a tiny mouse inside their home knowing that it can bring destruction and diseases. In order to control rats and mice we normally buy ready to eat baits or sticky fly trap pads periodically which takes a big chunk of grocery budget. Sad to say, that the top rat killer products in the Philippines are not advanced enough to match the physical and intellectual strengths of mice and rat so this is where Jardine Distribution home pest solution products will come into picture.

Klerat mice and rat killer is a revolutionary rodenticide formulated to induce slow death in just one feeding. Unlike most rat killers that require multiple feeding, with Klerat you will definitely save a lot. Formulated with an advanced active ingredient Brodifocoum will ensure you that Klerat can effectively kill rats and mice. This tiny black block rodent killer contains ingredients that can attract rodents enticing it to munch and eat Klerat. Having “bitterant” in its formula will naturally deter pets in chewing Klerat making this safe for domesticated animals.

Klerat kills both rat and mice in just one feeding. Other rodenticides can only get rid of rats and not mice. Many top rat killers in the market also require several feeding for them to acquire enough poison before they die which could not be practical for budget conscious homemakers.


Many people think a mouse is just a “baby rat”. The truth is, rats and mice are two different species of rodents that can carry diseases and destroy your home. They have different behaviors and habits. But you know what? Klerat Single Feed Rodenticide is effective for eliminating both pests.

Klerat contains Brodifocoum, the latest and most effective rodenticide that can totally help you eliminate rats and mice in your home. So next time you’ve got issues with rodents use Klerat and enjoy the benefits of a rodent-free home. 

Why buy Jardine Home Pest Solutions products:

  •  Effective home pest control systems with proven key ingredients
  • FDA approved formula that is generally safe for home use
  • Practical and easy to apply
  • Long lasting effect
  • Cost efficient

Your home is your sanctuary and a safe haven for your family

Learn more about Jardine Home Pest Solutions by visiting their website.

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