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Bioessence SM Pampanga: Caring Beyond Beauty

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.”
-Sophia Loren

Dr. Emma Beleno-Guerrero with 2018 Miss Earth Philippines-Fire Jean De Jesus and 2017 Miss Earth Philippines- Fire Nellza Bautista flanked by Bioessence SM Pampanga staff during the opening of its 30th  branch last March 29, 2019

When you feel good, you’ll look good. This statement is something we could not refute, since whenever you feel good inside, this feeling will radiate making you look better. Ideally, a holistic approach to wellness would be very beneficial and in order to achieve this you need to be taken cared of- self love is good but under expert care you will feel extra special and this is what Bioessence is all about.

BIOESSENCE is an institution with more than two decades in service providing premium skin and body treatments that have benefited many satisfied clients. Most of these clients have remained loyal over the years since they feel the value of what Bioessence can provide them.

Bioessence Pampanga Opening Day

Now celebrating its 24 years of success in the wellness industry, Bioessence has grown with over 30 branches to continue the premium service of providing Filipinos with excellent body and skin care treatments. With Bioessence, achieving wellness and beauty goals are within reach. That is why another branch has newly opened in SM City Pampanga.

Founded by an amazing woman, Bioessence’s president Dr. Emma Beleno-Guerrero, she takes pride in her native Davao roots and it is reflected in the interior d├ęcor of every Bioessence branch.  The opulent interiors featuring Mindanaoan heritage and culture provides clients a bespoke kind of majestic class which is uniquely Filipino and synonymous to this brand.

Casual conversation with the proud owners/franchisees of Bioessence branches

BIOESSENCE PAMPANGA is ideally located inside SM City Pampanga and it boasts the latest equipment when it comes to high-tech machines for skin care and slimming. Bioessence SM City Pampanga is proud of its professional and highly trained staff assuring that clients will be handled with best expert care.

What is a skin analyzer machine? Why do we need to have our skin scanned? At Bioessence SM Pampanga you get the perfect treatment and solutions for your skin condition. The SKIN ANALYZER or skin scanner machine provides an accurate view and analysis of the various skin conditions under different factors. Scanned results will show colors that would indicate certain conditions. This will help Bioessence to tailor fit a perfect treatment for you.

Bioessence Skin Wellness
Respected for many years, Bioessence is in the forefront of bringing the best skin care treatments through rigorous research and studies that can provide a customize program concerning the unique Filipino skin.

Bioessence carefully access skin conditions through scientific method to have a clearer view which are not perceive by the eyes-that’s one of my scanned face results showing high pigmented areas and sun damaged spots

Bioessence incorporates steps before designing a skin treatment package that perfectly suits your skin condition. With me in this photo is Bioessence Pampanga’s expert skin adviser who explained thoroughly the condition of my skin after my scanning.

Bioessence Body Wellness
What makes Bioessence thrive when it comes to wellness is that every step in any procedure is properly studied to cater specific issues unique to each client. Scientific method is the first consideration before a body massage and body treatment. With emphasis on nourishment and detoxification, Bioessence sees to it that a client is treated with a personalized approach to provide the best treatments that have gratifying results.

 Bioessence Pampanga treatment room/lavish corridor/sauna

Bioessence Beauty and Wellness Products
Pampering has never been perfected until Bioessence created its own line of skin and beauty products to match the excellent skin and body treatments they offer. Quality made and formulated with the best ingredients Bioessence brand of products boasts a complete skin and beauty pampering items from sunscreen, soaps, skin cleansers, serums, toner, aromatherapy among others to complete the regimen.

Caring Beyond Beauty is the philosophy Bioessence holds true. From the expert and nurturing pampering skin and body treatments to unparalleled customer service, Bioessence through the years is a force to reckon with when it comes to beauty and wellness industry.

So, head on to Bioessence SM Pampanga and start your beauty journey to skin and body wellness now! Because, BIOESSENCE will make you beyond beauty!

Learn some beauty secrets and latest updates by following BIOESSENCE on Facebook and learn more about beauty and wellness. Drop by for some expert pampering at the newly opened Bioessence SM City Pampanga at 2nd Level- accepts inquiries thru 0930-4260700 or 0967-6910556

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