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5 Things I Love About Perfume Dessert

What if you can smell irresistibly delicious all day?

Every woman is beautiful in her own uniqueness. Beauty is reflected from within if you feel good about yourself. But what if you can feel beautiful and smell irresistibly delicious all day? Yes, that’s a real winner!

What’s good about us Filipinos, we are conscious about being neat and how we smell. That is why many of us keep a cologne or a perfume spray handy whenever we go. (I am very guilty of this- bringing different perfume products with me in my bag) Good thing that there are many perfume sprays around that can somewhat make us smell good, but do they last? Honestly, I am very conscious about I smell (those close to me knew about this OC attitude of mine). And quality perfumes can make us deliciously good and keep our confidence high and this is what Perfume Dessert is all about!

My Yummy Perfume Dessert Experience
Yes! I admit I am a hoarder of perfumes and anything that can make me smell good. You can go ahead and check my bag..haha. I am such an OC especially with what I do- I am expose to meeting people and have opportunities to be in front of the public. I do a lot of things and my hands are full and with a hectic schedule from hosting and organizing big dance parties to band gigs to media events. Anyway, I just want to be presentable and part of it is smelling pleasant always. Of course, with all the beso-beso, handshakes and hugs- I really must smell good!

Surprise, surprise, surprise! Last week a friend of mine just gave me 3 bottles of Perfume Dessert cleverly packaged in dainty and yummy looking tubular boxes. She really knows that I am a sucker for things that can make me smell good. Thank you BFF @J!

Perfume Dessert Review: My First Impression
Raised eyebrows- knowing that I am such a critic especially on a product that I just saw for the first time. Of course, I don’t want to offend my good friend since she was thoughtful enough in gifting me these items. Raised eyebrows were on the moment she left my place- I told myself “Maganda ang packaging, eh mabango kaya ito at tatagal ba ito?” 

Those were my initial reactions while holding the 3 bottles of perfume dessert in my hands. You can’t blame me since there are a lot of perfumes that can only give you that feel good smell and eventually dies down after a moment. Nakakadala na diba?

BUT, I was very wrong! Perfume Dessert is very different and can come at par with the best expensive imported perfumes around. I sprayed one for the first time and do my usual stuff. Considering its summer and the hot weather gave me a lot of sweating, after hours of wearing perfume dessert all day, viola- I still smell sweet and fresh just like spraying it on for the first time. True!

My 3 Potent Perfume Dessert Potions
Cake Pops: Comes in a dainty pastel blue tube box and adorn with cake pops graphic design, perfume dessert cake pops spray is irresistibly sweet! Hmm..sweetness overload that is. Top note is in sweet vanilla with hints of sugars and caramel. The perfume dessert cake pops is classified in the Gourmands category. Its like smelling sweet edible stuff while wearing this perfume. What I love about Cake Pops is that the sweetness is not that overpowering. It has that sweet and yet gentle vanilla scent that lingers on for a long time. If I am in a girly mode expressing my sweet side then I wear Cake Pops.

Cucumber Melon Cooler: Its like having a refreshing shake of cool cucumber and sweet melon. Now imagine that scent on your body..ooh lala! I love this! The lovely combination of melon with cucumber provides an uplifting aura. This is perfect when I am on the move. Like when I am jumping from a meeting to a night out with friends. A scent that goes on from day to night- just perfect for my hectic schedule.

Raspberry Smoothie: This scent from Perfume Dessert gives me the oomph! How I love the sweet smell of raspberry engulfs me with feeling of sweet seduction. Sweet and yet very empowering for a woman like me. Perfect for those special moments!

5 Things I Love about Perfume Dessert
1. Premium Quality. Each perfume dessert scent is carefully formulated with the best ingredients that is 20 to 30% made from concentrated perfume oils. Categorized as an eau de parfum, Perfume Dessert is quality made in UK under strict standards in perfume manufacturing. No fakes here- no imitations! Guaranteed made from United Kingdom!

2. Fragrance That Last. Because, Perfume Dessert is genuinely made in UK from the finest ingredients and under strict manufacturing standards, I am sure what I am using and wearing on my body is of premium quality. An eau de parfum of this caliber provides me a sweet scent that last throughout my busy day. Whether I am out in the sun or at events at night, I feel fresh and smell good the entire time.

3. Instantly Makes Me Feel Good. What else does a good perfume can do for me? It instantly uplifts my spirits! Sweet smelling perfumes such as Perfume Dessert has the power of pheromones. Which means that it naturally makes me attractive and pleasant to everyone. With the kind of work that I am in, perfume dessert perfumes are a necessity when it comes to smelling great even at the most challenging situations. And when I feel pleasant with people around me it definitely uplifts my spirits which boost my self-confidence in an instant!

4. Cheap but Offers More Than Expensive Perfumes. Surprisingly Perfume Dessert products are very cheap considering the premium quality it offers. Gone are my days of spending much just to smell sweet and good. I am glad to announce that each bottle of perfume dessert is only 250 pesos. Oh my- very affordable. I am starting to hoard now and hopefully to complete my set of all perfume dessert scents.

5. Clever and Stylish Packaging. Another thing that I love about Perfume Dessert is how they innovatively packaged each bottle. Aesthetically speaking, the tubular box that contains the perfume dessert bottle is very appealing and the way it was bottled is very elegant but behind the art there is science. Yes! The 30ml bottle of perfume dessert is crimped retaining its original quality while protecting it from diffusing and leakage. Concentrated perfumes like Perfume Dessert is sensitive to humidity change as well as temperatures. The bottle is designed to safely preserve the fragrance and using a glass bottle is ideal for real perfumes. The clever tube box packaging not only looks dainty but provides another level of protection in maintaining the quality of the perfume and keeping it safe for breakage and spoilage. And it is perfect as gifts because of its elegant appeal.

Will I recommend Perfume Dessert? Yes, I will definitely recommend this to anyone. What could go wrong in buying a UK made perfume in a very affordable price? It’s cheap, premium quality, handy and long lasting.

I love to smell good; it makes me feel good. With Perfume Dessert I enjoy and love my womanhood. 

Empowered, confident and irresistibly sweet! 

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