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Bizmoto Provides Business Opportunities for Every Filipino

It is a known fact the that under the current financial standing of the Philippines, majority of Filipinos are struggling to survive on a day to day basis. Having a regular job can only provide for the basic needs but sometimes this is just enough for most families.

Having supplemental income resources can greatly help alleviate the financial woes that most Filipinos are facing every day. The ability to have an additional earning is very ideal for every family and this is what BIZMOTO is all about!

What is BIZMOTO?

Bizmoto is an online platform that provides business opportunities to any Filipino who are tech savvy. Bizmoto supports entrepreneurship through various forms of service-oriented businesses from e-load, bills payments, e-commerce, remittance services to delivery. With Bizmoto app that is readily available for download via Apple APP Store or Google Play, any one who signs up can be a Bizmoto agent and start doing business and earn.

Bizmoto aims to empower Filipinos with income opportunities that are very timely and practical wherein will serve the best interest of the general public.  

Powered by the Peppermint Group, which is a company based in Australia, their primary focus is in developing technology designed for mobile banking, remittance, payments, e-commerce and for other microfinance institutions.

Why Peppermint Group ventures in providing an income opportunity in the Philippines?

With the objective of providing mobile services to anyone and to anywhere in the world, Peppermint focused its initial efforts in the Philippines for the main reason that there are over 105 million mobile phones in active use by more than 100 million Filipinos. With this in mind, it took 4 years to perfect the developing the technology that powers Bizmoto which is now being used by 3 leading banks, Bizmoto is a perfect vehicle where various services can be offered while giving a lucrative income opportunity for Filipinos.

Peppermint is geared towards the success of commercialization strategy in the country wherein they can establish solid relationships for them to have a strong presence when it comes to developing and integrating mobile banking, payment systems and remittance platform all throughout Asia and the rest of the world.

BizmoGo Riders 

Can anyone be a Bizmoto agent?

Yes! As long as you have a mobile phone and an internet connection you can now reap the benefits of being an agent and have other resources that would provide supplemental income. A Bizmoto agent can easily start a business without having to leave home or can even do business anywhere. Bizmoto is basically for everyone but very ideal for stay at home parents, sari-sari store or shop owners, students and even employees. But first, download the app and sign-up.

What are the services that a Bizmoto agent can offer?

The Bizmoto app is a powerful all-in-one platform that can provide services such as bills payment, e-commerce, remittances, e-loading and even delivery services to its agents/members. A Bizmoto agent once accredited can offer these services right away wherein all transactions are done electronically in one platform. There is also an option to become a Bizmoto rider under the BizmoGo platform wherein you can provide a delivery service in your area.

Advantages of Bizmoto Agents
  • Unlimited income potential
  • Highly profitable income opportunity
  • Accessible to all potential customers
  • Convenient at home or anywhere business
  • Backed up by a reliable customer service team
  • Transactions are done electronically via mobile phone
  • Services offered are very in demand and of interest to anyone

BizmoGO Riders with Dante Gulapa at the launching of BizmoGo in Cavite

Bizmoto Conquers Cavite: Media Launch and Accreditation Program for BizmoGo Riders

April 5, under the burning heat of the sun, Bizmoto gathered around the first batch of BizmoGo riders at the Vermosa Bike Trail in Imus Cavite. The objective of this event is to orient drivers and finally turnover brand new TVS motorbikes to its BizmoGo riders.

Attended by biking and motorcycle enthusiasts, online media personalities and viral online sensation Dante Gulapa, this Bizmoto event is such a huge success.

With the presence of TVS Motors Country Manager- Samrat Chakrabarty, Chris Kain- CEO of Peppermint and David Cook- Regional Director for Southeast Asia Peppermint, Bizmoto proves to be a solid platform where Filipinos can rely on for a good business or income opportunity.

I am truly privileged to be invited to this out of town event but most especially excited that I can start having an extra income through the BIZMOTO APP. Kaya ano pa ang ginagawa mo #BizmotoMoNaYan

For more information visit the official Bizmoto website or follow Bizmoto on Facebook

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