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The Goodness of Banahaw Spring Purified Water

“Water is the driving force of all nature.”
-Leonardo da Vinci

Water is essential to all of us, we need water in order to live. We already learned that the human body comprises of 75% water and having even mild dehydration can affect how our body perform and recover after an activity.

Water is crucial to bodily functions that is why it is important that we drink enough water to stay healthy. But did you know that the healthiest drinking water comes from natural spring? In this case, water source is the key. So #WhatsYourSource?

What is BANAHAW Spring Purified Water?

Banahaw Spring water is the only drinking water that carries the name of its source. Directly sourced from the pristine spring in Mount Banahaw, this natural spring purified water has undergone 3 years of intensive research and testing before it is introduced to the local market.

Unlike most bottled water brands around, Banahaw Spring Purified Water incorporates the best European technologies upholding international standards and quality. This will ensure that each banahaw spring bottle water is at par with the global standards when it comes to production at their own facility located at the foot of Mount Banahaw in San Pablo, Laguna.

Benefits of drinking spring water:

Since it is almost impossible to get your own water directly from the spring, the next best thing is to buy bottled purified spring water like Banahaw Spring.

*One of the best benefits of natural drinking water is that it comes from a natural source that flows to the surface from a clean underground water source. Banahaw Spring Purified Water is sourced from a natural spring which is thought to be free of most contaminants unlike tap or other bottled water brands.

*Spring water has amounts of essential minerals which are beneficial to overall health. Natural water such as Banahaw Spring usually has loads of minerals and has a good alkaline pH balance.

*Naturally sourced water such as Banahaw Spring purified water has a refreshingly clean taste that is unmatched by other bottled waters. It’s light and smooth which people tend to drink more thus supporting proper hydration.

Why do we need water?

*Water regulates body temperature
*Aids digestion
*Protects vital organs
*Cushions joints
*Facilitates cellular communication
*Transports nutrients to the cells
*Eliminates waste, including toxins and lactic acid (the primary cause of exercise-related muscle soreness)

Banahaw Spring Purified Water Media Launch

This event was planned and executed perfectly by Eggshell PR company and I can say that this is the most exciting event of the year that I covered and attended to so far.

Held last April 16 at the posh Manila House Private Club in BGC, the well-attended media launch for Banahaw Spring Purified Water has carved out its niche when it comes to purified water and non-carbonated drinks industry. 

Filipino-owned company Philippine Bottling Beverage (PBB), is the only company in the country that has named a drinking water product after its source. Incorporating European technologies in a world class production facility right at the area where Banahaw spring is sourced, PBB boasts upholding the international standards in terms of quality production.

According to Thor Jourdan Mutuc, Business Development Manager at PBB, “Our production facility located at the foot of Mount Banahaw in San Pablo, Laguna is at par with world standards, fully automated and requires minimal human intervention preserving only the essential natural qualities of the water from the mountain,”.

“Today, we are sharing with you a purified water product harnessed from sustainable natural sources and bottled with care to ensure you get only safe and quality purified water we Filipinos can be proud of,” he added.

Mount Banahaw is quite known for its lush rain forests and serves as watershed for Laguna and Quezon provinces. It is a vast mountain area that has become the main source of water that is used for agricultural, domestic and industrial purposes. With this in mind, Philippine Bottling Beverage recognizes the value of Mount Banahaw by advocating strict compliance of environmental standards in its operation and by supporting the rural community.

“Water sustainability is the most significant aspect of our business,” Mutuc explained, “Beyond careful usage of water, we are putting in place measures that are geared towards protecting forests that nurture groundwater and contribute to the healthy circulation of water in nature.”

Banahaw Spring Purified Water is available in 350ml, 500ml, and one-liter bottles. Aside from being free of Bisphenol A (BPA-free), each bottle is design-engineered to support core handgrip.

For more information about Banahaw Spring Purified Water, visit

Media guests had fun in a game I called as the "bayong challenge" where guests are given 10 seconds to grab whatever fruits or vegetables they like. I estimated that I had more or less 12 kilos inside my bayong...such a fun and exciting media event.

Thank you Banahaw Spring Purified Water, PBB and Eggshell for inviting me to this awesome media event.

About the Company

Philippine Bottling and Beverage (PBB) Manufacturing Corp. is a 100% Filipino-owned company whose business involves manufacturing, private labeling and tolling, as well as marketing, warehousing and delivery of bottled products.

PBB has appointed Beauty Elements Ventures, Inc. (BEVI), the company behind the success of the Kojie.san brand, sole distributor of its products. The appointment came as BEVI diversifies its portfolio venturing into food and beverage, among other businesses. 

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