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Swish Mouthwash Review: This is Why I Swish!

Confidence is the ability to feel beautiful without someone telling you.

What makes a person attractive? Could it be the way they dress or perhaps on how good they look? This matter is really subjective and each one has its own definition. However, some may look fabulous and present an aura of elegance but clearly there is something lacking. The truth of the matter is- even if you are wearing designer clothes or heavily laden in makeup, if you lack confidence it will definitely show and people will feel that.

Confidence sums up what you feel about yourself and it is very important that we feel good inside so that we could radiate it towards others. 

Fortunately, there are things that we can do to improve or level-up our self-confidence. And one of the best ways is always have a ready smile and fresh breath that will go with it. News alert- bad breath kills confidence.

Good thing that the leading pharmaceutical company in the Philippines UNILAB has come up with a perfect solution to this embarrassing problem and it has helped a lot of people including me.

Having an active social life both on and off line, I have a busy schedule filled with social events and I always have to exude a good level of confidence especially when I speak.

I tried using ‘fresh breath’ toothpaste and failed. Tried mints and gums too but after their gone- the fresh feeling is gone too. But with SWISH- I could feel that it goes to work the very moment I spray it into my mouth.

I know how awful it feels if you still have the stench of garlic on your tongue, the awful cheesy smell on your breath or the stinky cigarette odor that emits every time you speak. Urgh..geez- gotta do something about it since it will ruin your self-confidence. 

What is SWISH?
Swish is an effective  mouthwash/breath spray that provides many benefits and you can use it anytime. It is manufactured by UNILAB and uses the best quality ingredients to make it effective in combating bad breath and other oral concerns. It comes in a convenient small spray tube that fits in your pocket or bag but also available in big plastic bottle 250 ml. I have both Swish sizes- one at my cupboard and the swish spray in all my bags. Swish is also available in various mint degrees- from gentle to intense. Yes, I have a Swish on all my bags so that I am sure to have fresh breath all the time, regardless I switched bags.

What are the SWISH variants?

We all have different taste and Swish breath freshener understands that. That is why they come up with 5 flavors like- Icy Choco Mint, Honey Lemon Mint, Peppermint Fresh, Cinnamon Blast and Mangosteen Mint. I personally love the Swish choco mint and the cinnamon blast. I just love the yummy taste- it’s like having a dessert.

What I like about SWISH Expert Care Multi-Benefit Mouthwash
  • It kills bacteria instantly. Since Swish contains antibacterial ingredients that can effectively eliminate bad breath bacteria and at the same time get rids of bacteria hidden inside the mouth area.
  • It provides instant fresh breath that lingers long enough after you sprayed. Unlike other brands that only leave a sting- swish mouthwash keeps the mouth odor free for many hours. Unless you eat something stinky again- you’ll need to freshen-up and spray swish again.
  • Swish effectively prevents plaque build-up. Its powerful bacteria blasting action can also promote healthier gums.
  • Maintains healthy gums while preventing gum diseases. This is one powerful and hardworking mouthwash that I depend on to keep my gums healthy.
  •  Swish protects my teeth by fighting cavities. Amen to this!
  • It strengthens tooth enamel therefore supports stronger teeth. This is something to smile about.
  • Handy pocket size which I can take anywhere.
  • Affordable price. The pocket size breath spray is only Php39.50 while the big bottle Swish is only Php 139.50
  • Alcohol free. It is safe even for kids.

Why do I Swish?
I Swish to have a boost of confidence. It’s plain and simple.Having a pleasant fresh breath and a bacteria-free mouth make me feel more confident to chat with friends, talk non-stop or even spend some intimate moment with someone. Ah..the perks of having a bacteria free mouth frees me from embarrassing bad breath odor.

I highly recommend SWISH mouthwash to everyone and enjoy a carefree moment with lots of smiles and good conversations.  Now that is something to SWISH and SMILE about!

Find out more about SWISH latest promo and breath fresh tips by following them on their Swish Facebook page.


  1. I've just tried Swish Breath Spray today, and yes, it's very helpful. My breath smelled fresh and clean!

    1. That's great! But aside from using Swish, you should also keep your dental hygiene routines for a healthier and bright smile.


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