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Nostalgic Holiday Feast at Guevarra’s

Part of the secret of a success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.
-Mark Twain

How do I love food, let me count the ways. Food solves hunger. Food is part of celebrations. Food makes us happy. Food can consume one’s soul. These are just a few things that I can think of every time good food comes to my mind. There is really nothing wrong to be so attached to food since it is natural to find sheer enjoyment in it. It can make us feel good inside and this is what we all call comfort food.

Let’s define comfort food- according to Meriam-Webster it is “food that is satisfying because it is prepared in a simple or traditional way and reminds you of home, family, or friends.” And this is synonymous to Chef Laudico’s Guevarras. 

When it comes to the best Filipino comfort food, Guevarra’s has instinctively perfected it. From the impeccable dish choices on the buffet spread to superb customer service, this top Filipino buffet restaurant caters to those yearning to have a feast on all-time best filipino comfort food.

At the recent Guevarra's Yuletide Menu media launch-

At the recent media event for the launching of Guevarra’s Holiday Menu wherein featured festive dishes are added to the old-time favorites.

Chef Laudico happily shares his recipe and cooking technique by preparing a festive dish “Embotido Lasagna Roll” which will be included to Guevarra’s Yuletide Menu.

Chef Laudico’s Guevarra’s Food:
What do we Pinoys love to eat especially if we are with our loved ones or good friends? Your guess is good as mine- we love food that satisfies our cravings and good thing Guevarra’s knows exactly that.

Watch video to take a sneak peak on what's cooking at Guevarra's kitchen this Yuletide season.

Anyone who visited Guevarra’s for a feast would certainly agree with me in saying that the guevarras buffet spread is very gratifying and the whole experience is unforgettable.
From fresh “Ensaladas”, Kare-Kare, Sinigang to tapang Angus beef- the variety of dishes are mouthwatering and will certainly satisfy any type of craving.

This is a Western traditional holiday dish- Guevarra’s Roast Turkey with cornmeal stuffing paired with two kinds of sauces- Cranberry and Gravy.

Pinoy favorite traditional snack dish on holidays- this Guevarra’s Bibingka has layers of cheese and pulang itlog toppings (salted egg)

Christmas Chicken Liver Parfait- a flavorful and rich Liver pate with infusion of moscato is a great prelude to wonderful feast.

Festive and colorful- Guevarra’s Fish Mayonesa is baked whole fish with Tartar dressing topped with diced red and green bell pepper, cheese, carrots and egg.

Christmas inspired Fruit Cake Suman with latik is another Filipino delicacy that is made festive by Chef Jackie Laudico.

Guevarra’s Puto Bumbong signals the start of a joyous holiday season of Christmas.

Guevarra’s Beef Morcon has the melts-in-your mouth goodness of rolled top round beef with bacon, Spanish chorizo, carrots and hard-boiled eggs.

Christmas Macaroni Salad, is a rich blend of macaroni, gelatin cubes, raisins and dressing that is oozing with creamy goodness.

Nostalgia at Guevarra’s- turning an old house into a happy place for great feasts

Luckily for me, I am fortunate to appreciate the old charms and heritage of San Juan. This is my hometown and this is where I live. This part of the metro has some interesting old stories to tell and the old houses are the best places to feel the old vibe of San Juan. 

Passing the quaint neighborhood along P. Guevarra street in San Juan, you can easily spot Guevarra’s entrance. A huge gate opens and one can take a glimpse of Guevarra’s rustic charms- it’s inviting like going home to your old Lola’s house.

Guevarra’s restaurant is situated along P. Guevarra corner Argonne street. If you are not that familiar with the place you might find it hard to reach it. I suggest Googling it first to get the directions but I tell you a trip to Guevarra’s is worth it and for sure you will be coming back here to relive the nostalgia of the place.

The guevarras restaurant is an old ancestral home in San Juan which was once an abandoned place for many years. Good thing that the people behind Guevarra’s thought of turning this old San Juan house into a restaurant and it can easily accommodate around 200 guests comfortably.

Halo-Halo Station

Nothing much has changed except for the repaint. The old house pretty much look the same like looking into an old sepia photograph. The porch, main entrance and veranda depict the nostalgia of a bygone era of 20s.

The wooden large cut plank flooring, the detailed lattice ceilings, the wooden walls and antique windows would make you feel at home. It is like visiting your childhood home and I could clearly recall how I grew up in an old house just like this here in San Juan.

Guevarra’s Christmas Feast this October
We all know that we are the only country that has the longest Christmas season and celebrations start as soon as the ‘ber’ month begins. This October, Guevarra’s cooking something festive for everyone to indulge and we can start celebrating the joyous holiday season for as long as we want starting today!

Seven Plates Inc.

Chef Lau- reliving his old rocker days by belting a song during Guevarra's Holiday Menu media launch.

In the spirit of the season, let’s give back to the community. Each buffet head will automatically contribute a portion of the proceeds to benefit the Children’s Joy Foundation, a center that houses disadvantaged children in the country which Guevarra’s have been supporting for the past four years.

It is by genuine passion for good food that motivated Seven Plates Inc. partners- Felix Yu, Jeffrey Siy, Patrick King, Raymond Co, Timothy Go, Victor Go and Warren Sy together with culinary luminary couple chefs Roland and Jackie Laudico to resurrect an old house and turn it into a wonderful place where good Pinoy dishes and comfort foods are being serve. And this joyous season they’ve added more festive dishes to set the tone for the holiday festivities.

Guevarra’s is located at 387 P. Guevarra cor. Argonnes St. Addition Hills, San Juan City. 

For Inquiries and reservations you may contact: 705 1811; 705 1874; 0917 311 2222. Follow them on Facebook: Guevarra’s ; Instagram: @Guevarras_ ; Twitter: @Guevarras_ .


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