Tuesday, October 11

1st National Pampering Day in the Philippines

Love yourself. Pamper yourself.

Busy. Busy. Busy. There is always an excuse not to indulge in some pampering. In this digital age, we women and men too (metrosexuals) are too busy either from work or personal stuff that we tend to ignore the importance of ‘me time”.  

Time has been a luxury nowadays with our busy schedules and workload that we sometimes care less about some personal gratification. And when we talk about pampering, the first thing that will come up to mind is a day in a spa. Ah…how good it is to treat yourself or a loved one to a relaxing and rewarding experience.

Good thing to know, that we now have a “National Pampering Day”. This is the very first in our country’s history that we get to recognize the importance of pampering or treating ourselves for our personal well-being and the best news is that NAILAHOLICS supports and will take part in this nationwide pampering celebration.

Let’s all celebrate the “National Pampering Day" this October 17 with Nailaholics and be ready to have some amazing pampering moment. From 10 in the morning until 12 noon, all branches of Nailaholics nationwide will be giving out FREE professional manicure with hand massage simply because this brand understands completely that we all need some pampering from time to time. Yes, we all deserve the extra TLC and when it comes to pampering Nailaholics is simply the best!

According to Mr. Arvin Amaro (marketing head of Nailaholics), the reason why they are giving out free manicure with hand massage treatment is for people to enjoy a quick escape and leave all their cares away. And all they have to do is to visit any of the Nailaholics branches nationwide and take advantage of the free pampering treatment. This is one way of Nailholics saying that we all deserve to be pampered. 

Nailaholics has been the go-to place for urban pampering when it comes to having gorgeous hands and feet. The urban chic Hampton’s inspired best nail salon in manila has captured the essence of pampering through impeccable services, soothing treatments, relaxing ambience and quality products that any woman (or man) deserves to have. Best of all Nailaholics offers quality services at affordable prices.

Anyone can leave all their cares behind and enjoy any of Nailaholics treatments. The #NationalPamperingDay is a god start to loving yourself this October 17. So go ahead and indulge for you to try what it is like to be pampered the Nailaholics way.

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