Saturday, March 19

How to Get Your Life Back, According to the Demolition Movie

While the term demolition is about tearing things apart, investment banker Davis Mitchell is knocking down things to put his life back together. 

Mitchell, played by Academy-award winner Jake Gyllenhaal, lost his wife in a tragic car accident and struggles with his own life after the loss. He starts to unravel and pours out his emotions in a complaint letter to a vending machine company. 

What starts out as a frustrated complaint about a stuck package of candy turns into a silent cry for help received by the company’s customer service representative Karen (Naomi Watts).  While Karen has burdens of her own, among which is the challenge of single-handedly raising a child, she takes the floundering widower under her wing. Mitchell begins to bond with Karen’s son Chris (Judah Lewis) and together they set about demolishing the remains of Mitchell’s shattered life so he can piece it all back together. 

The movie is directed by Jean-Marc VallĂ©e, who received critical acclaim for his work in Dallas Buyers Club. It also stars seasoned Hollywood actor Chris Cooper, whose film credits include Adaptation and Amazing Spider-Man 2 as Mitchell’s father-in-law who is concerned about his spiraling condition. 


The movie that seeks to enlighten viewers about making connections and rebuilding a life thought to be lost will be shown in Philippine theaters starting April 8, 2016 through OctoArts Films International.      


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